Friday, 28 September 2007

The Celebration Begins!

Tonight is the first night of celebrating a very important anniversary of the co-operative housing building that I live in. Things start happening around 7 p.m. and will continue for quite some time -- so, I figured that I had better try to see if I can get a good start on this particular post just in case I get home too late!

This really is a great building I am living in -- in so many ways -- largely due to all the wonderful people who live in the building most of whom always try to do their part to keep things going the way they should. It is nice to live in an apartment-type building which is also like a small community in the middle of a huge city. I consider myself very fortunate to be living here. And best of all for me: my apartment is very accessible and I am allowed to have miz k.d. with me. God is so good.

So let me tell you about tonight's drawings.

This first one is called "Sticks in a Jug" -- not a very romantic name I will admit, but I have always liked those "whiskey jugs" as I grew up calling them. After seeing one used as a vase in a photograph several years ago, I knew I wanted to draw it -- and eventually did so.

If you happened to look at my entry for the 28th previously, you might remember that I had another drawing here entitled "Flowerpot Rocks --Fundy". As I said at the time, it was not a drawing that I was pleased with at all. When I came back and looked at the post again, I just could not stand looking at a drawing that should have been deleted. So, I deleted it from the post and put this one in instead. The is a simple drawing but it makes a really nice notecard. I entitled it "4 in 1" -- how's that for brevity!

Next is a drawing of a harbout soon after dawn. As I recall, it was one of my first attempts to draw all the different aspects of a small-town harbour. This is another drawing that I am not particularly pleased with mainly because I feel that the scene lacks the balance I like to achieve in my drawings. As well, I was still learning how to use the computer to provide certain types of shading, etc.

As you have probably surmised, the title of this one is "Early Morning -- Down East".

The drawing that comes next is one I rarely use -- not because I am not pleased with the finished results, but rather because of the confusion I have found most viewers experience when trying to figure out exactly what they are seeing!

It is, in fact, a scene from the Acadian part of Louisiana, pre-Katrina, and shows a church on stilts with other buildings close by with a lake in the front of the drawing.

This one is called "Acadia Louisiana".

Now there is a drawing I did last year before Christmas and which I ended up using for one of my Christmas cards. As I recall, it was also one the first times that I tried drawing horses using the computer mouse. It is entitled "Snowy Sleigh Ride."

Here is a drawing with even more snow than the previous one! This was my second effort to draw Alberta's Three Sisters mountains. As I think I have mentioned previously, mountains are very difficult to draw due to the shading they require. I continue to try to draw them and one of these days, I hope to finish a drawing of moutains that really pleases me!

And, finally, tonight, is a colourful drawing of a portion of a town and its dock down in the Eastern Townships. The title is "Docks and Houses -- Eastern Townships".
As you can see, I am up to my old tricks when it comes to interesting titles!

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful weekend.

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