Sunday, 30 September 2007

A Change of Plans

In my post on Friday night, the 28th, I was talking about attending our anniversary celebration at the co-op. Unfortunately, I ended up being sick and could not attend. I was still not well on Saturday so I did not try to post anything. I am better today, but still not back to normal. It wasn't anything serious -- just part and parcel of trying to treat the various problems I have.

Anyway, I have a quick drawing that I did some time ago of me and miz k.d. A friend took a photo of the two of us back in 2000 when I was having to spend a lot of time in bed. So, I thought it was perfect for sharing with you tonight. I actually spent a number of hours this weekend in a similar position! This drawing doesn't really have a title -- I just call it the one of me and miz k.d.

This next drawing is one I did last year from a photo in the newspaper and since this weekend was the Run for the Cure in Toronto, I thought it would be appropriate to show you this one. I call it "Let's Run for the Cure" -- which is good advice to us all. And if you can't run, like me, then wheel for the cure!

Now I want to show you a drawing that has no connection, whatsoever to my previous comments tonight. It is here because I came across it recently and remembered how much work I put into it and how it has been neglected ever since because it just did not turn out to be that appealing. I learned a lot doing this drawing so I am not sorry for it, but it is always unfortunate when something is completed and I know almost immediately that no one is going to be choosing it for a set of greeting cards. Anyway, I will show it to you.

The photo I worked from was one of a Catholic Church on Manitoulin Island (a place quite a bit further north than Toronto for those reading who are not from Ontario). A place where it makes sense to have a boat tied up at a dock for getting from one place to another. In my usual creative way, I call it "Church on Manitoulin"!

This next drawing was one of my favourites at the time I finished it and I really can't believe I haven't shown it to you previously. However, I can't find it on my list so I assume that it was just an oversight on my part. At any rate, I saw the photo of a so-called Japanese garden and I wanted to draw a picture of it. My main concern was how to show the sand and circles in the sand in a computer-drawn picture. I think that figuring out how I could do this sufficiently well enough so it looks more or less like the real thing, gave me more pleasure than the finished drawing. However, it has been chosen often by people ordering greeting cards from me. It is called "A Place for Reflection"

Now there is another one of my animal drawings. I keep doing these in the sincere hope that one day I will get good enough at it so that my animals are immediately recognizable to the viewer.

This drawing is called "Mountain Goats". And while the goats, themselves, seem to be recognizable enough, people have trouble figuring out what is going on. This is not good for an effective drawing, I have found! I will explain it. The goats have been drinking at the little pool of water in the shadow of the rocks. I am still learning how to draw water on the computer. It is so much easier with a paintbrush. Anyway, having lived in semi-desert country, I have actually come upon hidden pools of water like this and in a hot, arid place, they are truly a beautiful sight. One of these days I think I might try to draw this picture again... we'll see.

The final picture tonight is of a young girl eating my favourite dessert -- strawberry shortcake -- with fresh strawberries, homemade short bread and freshly whipped cream. Yum.

The other thing I liked about the photo that I did the drawing from is that the young lady looks a lot like I did at that age: reddish-brown hair and lots of big freckles. Her hair is redder and her eyes are greener, but my freckles were as big or bigger! By the way, the drawing is called, wait for it, "Strawberry Shortcake"!

As I am still not feeling too well, I won't say much more tonight. Hopefully, by tomorrow evening I will be feeling better and can show you some more of my early drawings from the archives.

Until then, be blessed.

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