Friday, 14 September 2007


Colouration, by the way, is the name of my company. I chose that name mainly because of my love for brilliant colours. From an early age I trained myself to see colour everywhere -- even in scenes and objects that most people would pass over as dull or colourless. This natural inclination of mine meant that I could be very moved by the intensity of colours as well as by all the subtle shades.

When I moved to New Mexico for a few years back in the 1960's, I was often overwhelmed by the clarity of many colours that I had only seen previously in the hazy light of Alabama where I grew up. I was living in the Silver City area of New Mexico and I fell in love with a local landmark -- a mountain called Geronimo. I was able to paint in oils and water colours back then before my arthritis became so bad and I made a number of attempts to capture the beauty of this mountain. I was never really satisfied with the results. Here is a photo of one of the finished oil paintings and you can see me reaching for intensity of colour but not quite achieving it.

After I taught myself to draw using a computer mouse years later, I wanted to try to do some drawings of some of the photos and postcards I still had from that long ago time, and, as you can see, I really got intense!

One of the first ones I did was called "And The Desert Shall Bloom" -- a typical mission church in the southwest.

Next came a drawing of the Taos Pueblo but I added my own bright colours. This one is called "Mystic Pueblo"

While I lived in New Mexico, I learned to enjoy making "Mexican" food. I loved the sight of the chili peppers hanging outside of houses curing in the dry air. I had done a painting of chili peppers at that time, but I could never quite get the particular colour of the drying red peppers. So, years later I tried using the colours on the computer to draw the fresh peppers. It is called "Hot Picante"

When I was learning to draw on the computer, I came across a painting by someone called T. F. Remington. It was of a New Mexico village probably up the more mountainous part of New Mexico. It is a beautiful painting and I hope I will be forgiven for using it as I was learning to put down colours in layers. If you ever get a chance to see the real painting or a picture of it, I am sure you will see immediately how much more of a real artist this Remington person is; however, this is what I ended up with. I called it "Small Town in New Mexico"

Then, earlier this year, an acquaintance of mine was in New Mexico and got me a beautiful postcard of desert flowers. I finally ended up getting some colours that satisfied me and have ended up using this drawing as the background for the logo of my little business. It is called simply "Desert Flowers"

Of course, every area of the earth has its own colours and colour scheme and it seems to me that capturing the colours of a particular area can enable an artist to give the viewers a clearer sense of what that part of the world is like even if they have never been there.

I have discovered that central Ontario has some magnificent colours in more muted tones that those of the American southwest -- but they are equally as beautiful to me. Recently I did a drawing of a location in Ontario in which I tried to capture some of those colours. It is called "Classic Canadian"

I got started writing this late tonight so I had better finish off and get to bed as my morning home care arrives early. Tomorrow night I want to show you more of my work in which I use really bright colours, but this time the subject matter will be flowers and water!

Good night and God keep you safe.

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