Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Introductions are in order!

Let me introduce you to my family and some of my friend's and their children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews. This first drawing is of my older sister, Betty (her real name was Elizabeth). Sadly, she died this past March and I miss her terribly. I drew this picture after I came back to Canada once things were taken care of at her home. I have called it "Kindness Personified". I wish you could have known her -- she was really special.

Next, let me introduce you to my dear, sweet sister, Janet. She is petite and lovely which I tried to express in my drawing by showing her holding beautiful flowers. I just call the drawing "Dear Sister".

The next two drawings are are my grand-niece -- my sister, Janet's, granddaughter. This first picture is entitled " Now I am Five".

This second drawing of my grand-niece is entitled: "The Leaves Are Falling!"

This next drawing if one of my favourites as it shows that determination which is so inherently part of the human spirit -- the little boy is determined to walk. The child in the drawing is one of my grand-nephews -- a brother of my grand-niece and, obviously, also the grandchild of my sister, Janet. It is entitled "Walking Tall".

This next drawing is of one of my cousins. She truly is a lovely young lady. You may not realize it, but she is the beautiful dancer whose images I showed you in one of my earlier posts -- dancing on the purple anemone and under the dogwood tree. The drawing is entitled, simply, "Ashlee".
There are a number of other drawings I have done of family members; however, I think I will save those for later and show you some of my dear friends.

This drawing is of a Catholic priest whom I have always called Fr. Peter. He is one of the most special people in my life -- I consider his friendship as truly a gift from God. This drawing does not do him justice, but he kindly refrained from saying so when he first saw it! I did the drawing in honour of his 40th anniversary of ordination and it is simply called "Father Peter".

Now I would like to introduce you to some special friends of mine. I have had the great pleasure of knowing this couple since before they were married and it has been a great joy to have known their daughter since she was born. She is 10 now and is growing into a lovely young lady. It is entitled "Friendship and Parrots".

Next is a beautiful young boy by the name of Christian and while I definitely consider him to be my friend, it is really his grandmother that I have the deeper relationship with.
The drawing is entitled "My Favourite Hat".

Now there is a drawing of people I have not actually ever met! However, a relative of this group of three is one of my dear friends. Once when she was showing me some family photos, I spotted this picture and was immediately charmed by the faces. I asked her if I could draw them and she, obviously, said yes. It is called "Big Sister".

This drawing is of people I have no connection to nor do I even know who they are. They were part of a photo I came across one day in a mission magazine -- the photo was taken in the Philippines. The reason for including it in this particular post is because there are so many special people in my life who are from the Philippines. And since I don't have any drawings of them but wanted them to be represented in some way, I included this drawing. It is entitled "Kuya". In case you don't know, kuya is Tagalog for big brother.

And finally, I want to show you a drawing I did of someone else who is not actually a family member in the regular sense of the phrase. However, I certainly considered him to be my "Papa" for 25 years -- as did millions of other people -- and so it seemed fitting that Pope John Paul II be included in my grouping of family and friends. This drawing doesn't really have a title other than his name. The drawing is on one of the prayer cards that I sometimes make and underneath it simply says: "John Paul the Great, pray for us".
Tomorrow I would like to show you another group of "people" drawings. Some will be of actual friends, but most will be of strangers whose photo appeared somewhere that I happened to be looking! All of them, however, were drawn from photos of people who reminded me very much of actual friends and family.
Now it is almost time for a really nice lady to come and help me get ready for bed. May we all have a restful night.

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