Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Just A Quickie

I will have to take you on a very quick tour tonight as I am running out of time! I am working on a new drawing. After watching the evening news on TV, I thought: well, why not take just a few minutes and do a bit more work on my in-progress drawing! Suddenly, shortly before 9 p.m., I noticed the time. Where did the past 2 hours go?

So, we had better get started.

This first drawing is called "Maria, 2007". The reason for this title is because I have another art work -- a pastel drawing -- entitled "Maria, 1967". As you can probably guess, I used my original pastel drawing as the model for the 2007 Maria. The pastel drawing above, named "Maria 1967" was done in art class using an actual model way back in 1967!

This next drawing is of another model named Maria and was drawn in 2006. Just to demonstrate to you how clever I am when it comes to titles, I am sure you will be surprised to learn that I named this drawing "Another Maria"! See, aren't you impressed? Anyway, the model for this one came from Mexico -- at least that is what it said in the caption under her photograph.

Now, I have three flower drawings I found while looking through one of my archive files.
I am not certain what these flowers are as the photo I used for the drawing simply called them "new flowers". Having a way with words, I ended up naming the finished work "New Flowers"!

The next drawing is one I did without working from a photo -- just my imagination. I was playing around one day with different parts of some orchids when suddenly I realized that I had put the pieces together in such a way that I had created something that looked to me like an owl's face.
So, I just kept drawing until I had a vase full of these flowers and when the drawing was finished, I decided to call it "Owl-Faced Orchids" I bet that really surprises you!

The final drawing for tonight is of a real orchid; however, I have no idea what the name of it is. The photo I was working from did not call the flowers anything other than orchids. So, since they had no name and they did not really look like any kind of animal or bird, I ended up naming them for their colour.
The drawing is called "Passionate, Pink Orchids"

So, that is all for this evening as it is getting very late (for me) and I must get myself organized for bed. Getting ready for sleep takes a bit more work when you have disabilities so I try to give myself enough time so that I don't end up staying up too late. H!opefully, tomorrow I will not get distracted for quite as long as I did tonight, but with a drawing in progress, you never know!
I pray that you have a safe and peaceful night. Remember the people in Burma.

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