Thursday, 20 September 2007

Last Day of Summer (according to my almanac)

Today was the last day of summer and it felt like early June! I think they are forecasting another couple of days of summer-like weather before the rain and cooler temperatures return. It was truly a lovely day and for some reason it put me in mind of my mother who died in September of 1980. All I can say about her is that in spite of everything, I loved her!

I did a drawing of her last year and although I made a
serious effort, I could not make her look happy. It is very interesting what happens sometimes in art as the subconscious reaches up and affects what you are trying to do. The picture is entitled "Dear Mamiska" (my pet name for her).

My mother loved the beauty of horses, just as I do, and so it is fitting that the next drawing is of horses. It was one of my earlier ones and I was struggling to capture all those beautiful muscles in motion. The drawing is entitled "Three Horses Running" (another one of my really clever titles!).

While searching through my older drawings, I came across another one of orchids which I had intended to use the other night when I was showing you all those different orchids that had been given to me as gifts over the past few years. This one was not a gift -- in fact, I never even saw the live plant. I saw a photo of a Green Orchid in the newspaper one weekend and was so impressed by the plant that I ended up trying to draw it. As usual, I don't do the real thing justice, but it still gives me a certain pleasure when I look at it. It is entitled simply "Green Orchids with Elaborations".
This next drawing was based on another photo from a mission magazine. The picture was of a young boy begging in Thailand. It seemed to me that so much of his pain is hidden by his deformed hands. I entitled it "Beggar Boy".

This next drawing could have been very tedious; however, I really enjoyed doing all the detail work. I actually used a photo of a building in Germany as my model, but because it reminds me of something similar in Poland (and because I am so fond of Poland), I ended up naming the finished drawing "Renaissance Poland".

I really debated about including this next drawing in my gallery because I can't remember whether I have already included it -- and I was too lazy to go back and check all the previous posts! Obviously, I am going to have to create a better system for keeping track of what has been included and what hasn't -- especially considering the high state of forgetfulness I have now achieved! Anyway, if you have seen it previously, I apologize.
Another reason for my hesitation about including it was due to the fact that I really can't remember its name... I think it is simply entitled "Vase and Violets".

The next drawing is one that continues to please me. It is called "Early Morning -- French River" and was inspired by one of those travel brochures that make everything look so lovely. However, I have it on good authority from people who have actually lived in P.E.I. that early morning on the French River can be quite beautiful.

This drawing is entitled, "The Art Class" and was modelled on a small portion of a larger photo of an art class in a community centre. I really like drawing pictures that show people of different racial backgrounds. The parents of one little girl came from Europe while the parents of the other little girl came from Guatemala. Here they are working together in a Toronto community centre helping each other learn to create beautiful things.

Next is a drawing of a mother and son. In the original photo that I worked from, the mother was dressed in standard Canadian clothes. I had another photo of an African woman dressed in colourful African clothes. Unfortunately, the African woman had her face turned away from the camera so I really couldn't draw her, so... I put her beautiful clothes on the lovely lady with her son. I think that is what is meant by "artistic license"

The drawing is entitled, very creatively you will notice, "Mother and Son"!

Now we have a drawing of someone I actually know. The woman is a dear friend of mine. She is originally from Sarajevo. Here we see her in her role as godmother to a friend's child as he receives the Sacraments of Initiation from a Serbian Orthodox priest. This event is taking place in a church in Ontario. The drawing is entitled simply, "Godmother".

Here is a somewhat more successfully drawn horse next to a beautiful, young girl in a green pasture. The pose reminds me of the well-known painting by the artist, Andrew Wyeth. The drawing is entitled "Wyeth and Gold"!

Finally, for tonight, is another drawing based on a photo from a mission magazine of two African girls. While I am not sure what they are really thinking, their expressions seem to say to me something like: "How grateful should we look?" So, this is what I named the drawing.

Thus, we come to the end of another virtual tour of my art gallery. Meanwhile, in a few more hours we will begin Fall of 2007. As we head toward the end of the year, I must make a "new season resolution" to get organized so that I am really sure which drawings I have shown you and which ones I still want to show you! This means that I may have to spend tomorrow evening working on this project instead of writing a new post. However, I hope to be back by Saturday -- at which time I will show you a new Christmas card I have just finished drawing. Surprise, surprise, it's another cat drawing! Oh, well, what can I say -- I'm obviously a cat lover.
Goodnight and God bless you.

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