Monday, 24 September 2007

A Mixed Bag

Tonight's tour is truly a mixed bag of drawings. As I try to pull my work from here, there and everywhere, I tend to just grab things as I find them. I am still trying to make certain that I don't duplicate things, but that is sometimes very difficult to accomplish as a number of drawings have more than one name! Very confusing....

Anyway, here goes.

This first drawing was actually inspired by another painting that my mother did as a young woman. This is one of the few occasions when I tried to work from memories instead of an actual photograph. You see, the original painting was stolen from my sister's (Betty) home in Florida many years ago. It was one of my favourite paintings so all I have are the memories. I entitled the drawing "Mama's Lady".

This next drawing is another one of the man I call John Paul the Great. There were so many photographs taken of him which gave me a powerful, intuitive sense of what it means to be loved. I entitled this drawing "God is Love".

Now I want to show you a drawing of a very special young friend of mine from Africa. This drawing actually is one of three drawings and I will show you the other two as I come across them. When I find the other two, I may show you this one again and explain who these wonderful young ladies are. For now I will just tell you that the name of this drawing is "Lenny".

Do you recall in last night's post that I showed you a drawing of a girl dancing with a dolphin? I mentioned that while that particular drawing had never been requested, I did have another drawing of a dolphin that people seemed to like a lot more. This is it. It is called by its obvious name: "Kissing a Dolphin".

Next is a drawing of a young friend of mine. This is what you might call an age-enhanced drawing made using a current photo of this young girl. She is going to grow up to be a beauty and so I call this drawing "A Young Beauty".

Now, here is a total change of pace. A drawing of a horse and rider in the deep snows of winter. The model for this was actually a photo in a magazine spread and, as usual, it was the horse that first attracted me! It is entitled "The Woods in Winter".

Next is a drawing of a young boy. I am no longer certain as to where I found the photo I worked from, but I think it must surely have been a magazine. Wherever it was, I remember being attracted by the look of expectancy on his face. I call the drawing "Ready for Anything!".

The inspiration for this next drawing came from a news photo of Haitian women and children who had been gathered together to listen to the words of a visiting politician. To me, the look on this woman's face said "give me food and shelter, not words". I call the drawing "Haitian Heartache".

I like the juxtaposition of these two drawings -- the one of the Haitian woman and child next to this one of a young, beautiful and privileged child of North America. It is not her fault that she is living a comfortable life while the child of the Haitian mother probably goes to sleep with hunger pangs each night. It is just a good reminder to me that I live in the land of the privileged and so I need to do whatever I can to share what I have with those who have so much less. This drawing, by the way, is entitled "Golden Girl".

So the above drawing is followed by one of a young girl living in another troubled part of the world -- Somalia. Even so, I tried to draw hope in her face and in the beautiful shell in her hands. It is entitled "Gift from the Sea".

Surprise! Here is the other new Christmas card that I was mentioning to you the other night. This is another one of those drawings to which I added Christmas decorations in order to use it as a Christmas card. Without the additions, it is entitled "Papa takes the Night Shift". In its transformed state it is now entitled "Twas the Night before Christmas".

Here is another snowy drawing. I think I may be trying to psych myself up for what lies ahead.

Anyway, as usual, I was attracted by this big, gentle bear of a man holding his tiny, precious daughter so easily in his big hands. I kept the title simple and called it "Father and Daughter".

Finally, this evening is a drawing of one of those people who has truly been a gift in my life. Her presence has added a richness and joy to my experience of living that I am grateful for every day. I have been blessed by the presence of some wonderful women in my life and this is definitely one of them. I considered calling the drawing A Polish Beauty; however, I finally decided that the best title would be "Dearest Friend".

And, so, I come to the end of another virtual tour of my art work. I hope you have enjoyed it along with all my comments. Please continue to send me your comments. I need your feedback in order to make this blog a pleasant and happy place to hang out.

Blessings and peace.

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bwhiteway said...

Hi! I've only recently discovered your blog, through your WheelTrans episode. I'm a fellow 'wheely', and share that special love/hate relationship with WheelTrans. Your drawings are wonderful! Are they ever exhibited locally? If so, please be sure to post about it. I'd love to see them in person, and perhaps to chat about your methods. Well done!