Friday, 21 September 2007

Riding Wheeltrans

For those of you who don't know, Wheeltrans is the service provided by the Toronto Transit Commission for disabled people who cannot easily take regular public transit. It is truly a wonderful service, but, like most services, it is always having problems mainly caused by the almost constant gridlock on Toronto streets. I have heard that people in Los Angeles have a love affair with the car, but I would think that residents of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) must run a close second for loving their automobiles.

Anyway, I made a trip today to meet a dear friend for lunch and a visit. I went down to the lobby of my building to wait for my ride at about 10:20 a.m. as my bus was scheduled to arrive at 10:35. The bus finally arrived shortly after 11! I was going from the bottom of the city to the very top and we still had to pick up someone else and drop them off at a rehab hospital before I could be delivered. Instead of arriving at 11:30 as scheduled, I arrived, after a harrowing ride, at 12:05.

By the time we finished lunch, it was almost time to start waiting to be picked up -- my pickup time was 2 p.m. The bus arrived for me about 2:35. I was truly fortunate in that the driver was able to drive me all the way downtown without having to pick up anyone else so I finally got home a little after 3 p.m. I guess the most difficult part about all this is the fact that the person in the wheelchair feels as though they have so little control over the situation -- a feeling that can easily lead to anger -- so I always have to spend a lot of time reminding myself that it is not the driver's fault and just sit on my frustration. As well, I try to be thankful that such a wonderful service is available and costs no more than a regular bus ticket.
Now, having grumbled and complained just a bit, I feel more inclined to start talking about art!

Sometimes I like to draw structures that a bit complex like this grain elevator. Of course after I finished drawing it, I decided to treat myself to a bit of humour.
If you look at it closely, you will see that the name of the town on the elevator is "Dog River, SK" (this is also the name of the drawing). For those of you who don't know, Dog River, SK is the fictitious location of the hit Canadian comedy show "Corner Gas" -- one of the few things I still watch on television other than the news!
Of course, after I had drawn this grain elevator, I felt like trying to draw some more. I found a couple of photos that inspired me and here are two of the resulting efforts:
The first one is called "Somewhere Out West" --
While this next one is called "Alberta" for obvious reasons!
This next drawing is a recent one and it gave me a great deal of pleasure while I was drawing it and it continues to give me a positive feeling each time I look at it. I entitled it "Ode to Joy".

This next drawing is of someone who may look familiar to you. Remember the Boy with a Hat from an earlier post? This is the same little boy at a slightly earlier age. Truly this child has beautifully expressive eyes. I call this drawing "Awe and Amazement".

Next is another drawing based on a photo from mission magazines I like to read. Of course, I enjoy reading about how the sisters, priests and lay people are working in helping professions in all parts of the world as well as serving the needs of the Church; HOWEVER, I really enjoy looking for photos of the people! This drawing was based on a photo of school children in the far East learning their prayers. I was attracted to it because of the looks on their faces. They seem to be saying: I would rather be outside playing ball! The drawing is entitled "Learning to Pray."

And in a similar publication, I found the photo that inspired this drawing. The photograph was of a hospital in El Salvador. I call my drawing simply "The Doctor".

These next two drawings were actually an experiment. You can't help but notice that the same young boy appears in the same position in both drawings. This is the wonder of computers and art work: you can take images you have drawn in one place and drop them into another! In my opinion, the drawings themselves are not too great, but the experiment was fun for me. This first one is entitled "Boy with a Horse" while the second one is entitled "Boys with a Kite". As usual, I am so good at making up clever titles!

Now we have a drawing that I seriously debated including in my blog because of the subject matter. The photograph I used as a model was of a mentally challenged child in Cuba. To me she is quite beautiful even though it is pretty obvious from her pose that she is handicapped. I entitled it "Blessed are the Simple".

The model for this next drawing was a newspaper photo of a mother and child standing waist deep in flood water during the recent floods in Bangladesh. I was moved by the stoic expressions on their faces. Of course, I did not want to try to draw them standing in water as it seemed that viewers would have a difficult time understanding what was going on -- so I put some lush greenery behind them. Perhaps that was a mistake. Anyway, I ended up calling it "Survival in Bangladesh".

Now we have a rather different drawing as I think it is the only time I have tried to draw cows! I saw a beautiful (to me) photo of a Live Oak Tree in north Florida with cattle grazing underneath in the shade. I have a great fondness for Live Oak Trees as they are part of south Alabama/ north Florida landscape. It is really not possible for me to capture the real beauty on a computer because I don't know how to cover the tree with Spanish Moss without making it look like some sort of strange Christmas tree!
I named it "Live Oak Tree".

Finally, tonight, is a drawing I did from a magazine photo of a little boy reaching for something. I call it "Asking for Love".

By the way, in case you are wondering why I am writing a post tonight after saying last night that I wouldn't, it is because I became very industrious after finishing last night's entry and went back and listed all the drawings I have entered previously. My hope is that now that I have my list, I won't be posting any drawing more than once.

I had also hoped to post my newest Christmas card tonight, but I am not quite finished with it yet. Maybe tomorrow...
Wishing you all a peaceful night. God bless...

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