Thursday, 27 September 2007

Something old,new,borrowed & blue

Well, tonight I get to show you the drawing I was working on last night. As I mentioned when showing you another recent drawing, this is the first incarnation and I may yet make changes to it; however, I have reached a point where I feel it might be finished -- so I stop -- for now.

The title is "The Lady and the Tortoise" which is self-explanatory. One thing I would like to point out though is that I have always had a real fondness for tortoises/turtles. To be more specific, I would have to say that I have always had a fondness for toads/frogs and non-poisonous snakes! I have even been known, in the past, to keep all of the above as pets!

This next drawing is not new, but it is one that was done earlier this year. As I mentioned to you previously, I have a real interest in the situation of orphaned African children who are being raised by their grandmothers. This shows a young boy in South Africa who is not only an orphan but also is sick himself -- given the disease by his mother when he was born. This drawing is entitled "GoGo and her Grandson". (As I understand it, "GoGo" is the term commonly used in South Africa for grandmother.)

Now I want to show you three drawings that actually go together to make one long picture. These drawings were a commission of sorts. One of the "owners" of a web site sent me a photograph and asked if I could do something with it -- the idea being that the finished art work would be used in his web site to help create a particular impression. So when you are looking at them, try to imagine them placed side by side. Also, since they were created for a particular use other than for my cards or prints, I did not give them titles.


These last two drawings are ones I wanted to include because they are unusual -- both in the subject matter and in the way they look.

The first one is entitled "Potato Farm, P.E.I." In other words, this is one of those farms that grows the famous Prince Edward Island potatoes! A word of warning -- don't look at it for too long if you tend to have problems with dizziness!

The second drawing is of a rice boat on a river in India. The model for the drawing was a newspaper photo which was part of a travel article on India. I was so taken with the design that I ended up drawing the boat. So far, no one has ever asked for a card or a print of this particular drawing. Maybe you want to be the first! The title is obvious: "Rice Boat"

So, that is enough for tonight, I think. Hopefully my comments have made as much sense as usual! I say this because I am continuing to struggle with a new attack of health problems so I have a bit more difficulty focusing on what I am saying due to this awful medication I must take. I am sure that I will be feeling better soon.

Anyway, I wish you a day filled with peace and happiness.

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