Sunday, 16 September 2007

A Sunday in September

Today was a beautiful day in Toronto. There was a real feeling of Fall in the air when I went out this morning to attend Mass at the Cathedral. I needed my jacket! The church, as usual, was packed so I felt very warm once I was inside and when I came out to head to my favourite Timothy's at Jarvis and Front, the sun was just warm enough to cut the chill.

The colours, as always on a sunny day, were spectacular. I drove past the garden store on the way to the coffee shop and stopped for a few minutes to enjoy the multitude of autumn colours: orange pumpkins, purple asters and yellow mums. So speaking of flowers leads me right into the topic for tonight: my drawings of flowers.

The first image I would like to present is a very special one to me. I named it "Mama's Flowers". Let me explain the name. My mother passed away in 1980 when she was in her late 70's. This means she was a young lady at the beginning of the 20Th century. As was not unusual in those days, she attended finishing school after completing high school. There she studied such subjects as French, piano and painting. She had a natural talent for art and completed a number of lovely, very traditional, paintings which were always on the walls of our various houses while I was growing up. One of my favourites was a study in blue with the only other colours being the white of the flower blossoms and the green of the leaves and stems. One day when I had run out of things to copy, I decided to do my own version of the beloved painting which now hangs on the wall in my home. This is the result.

This next drawing is entitled "Red, Green and Gold" and was the first drawing of tulips that I attempted after learning to draw with a computer mouse. It has been a popular item ever since.

Next, I would like to show you some of the many drawings I have done of Orchids. This first one is called "Gift from Patrick and Vivian" because it was!

Next is another gift and so the drawing is called: "Gift from Patricia and Zhi".

Then there is a drawing of a very special orchid. It was given to me by my friend, Jackie, who died in 2003. I had taken a photograph of it at the time and was able to do a drawing of it last year. Obviously, it is called "Gift from Jackie".

This orchid with the yellow blossoms is a Dancing Lady orchid. So the drawing was called "Dancing Lady"!

It was not a gift.

And then the final orchid for this evening is one of the most unusual orchids I have ever seen. I saw it on display at an expensive type flower shop and was able to get a picture of it. So, when it came time to name my drawing, it just ended up being called: "Waxy, White Orchid"!!

This next drawing is one of several attempts of mine to draw Calla Lilies and I simply named the finished drawing "Calla Lilies".

Another attempt to draw these lovely flowers was made when my friend, Nancy, gave me these pink Calla Lilies as a gift. The finished drawing is entitled "Nancy's Gift". (surprise!).
This next drawing is of the Clivia plant in full bloom. As orange is one of my favourite colours, I am very fond of this plant. It is a native of South Africa. I named the drawing "Clivia in Bloom" and used my own plant (which hasn't flowered since) as the model.

This next drawing is of the well-known Bird of Paradise flower. This is another flower with orange shades mixed in and is another favourite of mine. Guess what it is called? You are absolutely right, the name is "Birds of Paradise".

Next are two drawings of flowers and butterflies. The first one, called "Monarch Migration" was drawn from a newspaper photo taken last year during the Fall migration which comes through Toronto. The photograph was taken in a park near the downtown area of the city.

For this next drawing, I used a magazine photo as my model and it is named "Sweet Butterfly".
Next are two drawings of flowers that I am less familiar with. The orange one (nice colour, orange) is a bromelia. Its proper name is bibergia X windii. So I named it "Windy".
The red one is a flower called Crimson Flags and so I named the drawing -- right, you know.

This next drawing is of baby roses. They are so common -- even grocery stores often sell them -- but they are quite beautiful when the blooms are profuse. Of course, they only last a short time. And, once again, my name for the drawing is obvious. ("Baby Roses")

These next flowers are known as Auricular and the name of this particular one is Wisdom-- yes, the plant is called Wisdom and so is the drawing.

This is a drawing of two different types of Anemones (or should that be Anemonii?). Anyway, the name of the drawing is the one with the "s" on the end of it. I was trying some different techniques on this one and I am not really sure if I like the results.

I am certain you have had enough flowers to last you for quite some time. I actually have many more drawings like these; however, I feel that there is no need to show you every single drawing. Some of them, like many things we try, are best left hiding out on the hard drive.

Tomorrow night I would like to begin to introduce you to a number of my friends and relations who have ended up being the subject of one or more of my drawings. They really are wonderful people and I am sure you will like them once you meet them!

Go in peace.

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