Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Something new

Well, today I want to start off with a brand new drawing that I just "finished" this afternoon. The reason I put finished in quote marks is because you may see some changes, additions or subtractions in the days ahead.

This is what happens with a drawing: I go through a period of days when I keep looking at the drawing and feeling that something is just not quite the way I want it. This leads to changes. Sometimes the changes are noticeable and sometimes not. At any rate, this is just a warning that you may see this drawing again in the near future and find that the youngster has decided to wear an orange shirt instead of a blue one!

The working title for this one has been "Boy and Butterflies"; however, I am thinking about calling it "Discovery". We'll see....

This next drawing of a nattily dressed young man was actually inspired by a photo of a young model showing the latest in fashion. In spite of being posed, I really liked the look of his face and decided make a drawing of the photo. I call this one "A Really Cool Guy".

Now I want to show you one of my favourite flower drawings. For me it ranks right up there with "Poeticus Recurvus" which I think I showed you in my very first post.

Hopefully, you can tell that is is a drawing of poppies! As you probably know, here in Canada Remembrance Day (November 11th) is celebrated by the wearing of a paper poppy in the lapel. In late October, the Veterans start selling them and you see that bright, orange-red colour almost everywhere. The difficulty with these "remembrances" is that unless you bend the attached pin in a certain way, the poppies tends to fall off your coat or jacket and so a number of them end up on the sidewalk! Of course, this means that you quickly buy another one which may be what is intended! The drawing is entitled "Poppies".

Next comes a drawing that I showed you last night. At that time I said that if I could find the "mates" of this drawing, I would tell you why I had drawn them and who the children are. So, here goes....

As I mentioned last night, this one is entitled "Lenny" and is of a young girl in Africa.

The the next one is entitled "Myka" and is of a young girl in the Philippines.

And the third one is entitled "Sandra Elizabeth" and is of a young lady in Guatemala.

So, who are they and why did I do the drawings in the first place?
They are my little girls! Not mine as in being my children, but mine as in being the children I sponsor. I have the privilege of being able to make certain that they are able to go to school and I hope I am helping them to have a better life. I started sponsoring them at different times with Lenny being the youngest -- both in age and time I have been her foster parent. The wonderful organization that enables me to do this is called Christian Child Care International. It is a Catholic group but like all the other church-sponsored groups, anyone can participate. They have a web site at http://www.ccare.ca/ if you are interested. By the way, the reason for the highway behind each one is to remind them that they are on the highway to a good education and a happy life.
This next drawing is not one I did because I was so captivated by the subject matter. In fact, the only part of the drawing that strongly appealed to me was the tree. I have a special fondness for trees and I really miss the ease with which you can paint trees with a brush; however, I do the best I can within the limitations of my mouse-drawing techniques. The photograph of this tree reminded me of the Canadian artist, Tom Thompson and some of the famous trees in his Algonquin paintings. Once I had drawn the tree, I needed to do something else with it -- so, since at that particular time I needed a greeting card to send to an engaged couple, I added the lake and the couple on the shore. I entitled it "Couple at the Lake".

Then we have a drawing where I paid more attention to the colours than to the subject matter. I do love the colour, orange, and kind of got a bit carried away in using it in this work. It was inspired by a photo in another one of those mission magazines I have mentioned before and shows a mother starting to pick up a water jar which she will place on her head! I named it "Water Jars".

Here we have a drawing of a dock on a small Ontario lake. If you look closely, you can see the first star of evening reflected in the still water -- you know how still the water can get at dusk. The people who were playing on the dock and in the water have left -- probably gone to the cottage to fire up the grill. I called this one "The Wishing Star".

The last drawing in today's tour is called "Gift from China". This is the daughter of a dear friend as she looked about 8 years ago dressed up for Halloween. She looks so perfect in her Chinese outfit that no one would ever guess that this is not how she dresses every day. The reality is that she is just a normal Canadian girl -- albeit an especially lovely and intelligent one!

You may have noticed that there is a public service announcement at the top of my most recent post. This was placed there by Google after I gave them permission to do so. I understand that there will eventually be actual ads on my blog. I just hope and pray that they will be for things that I am comfortable advertising! We'll see how it goes.
God willing, I will be posting again tomorrow. I pray that you have a safe and restful night.

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