Saturday, 22 September 2007

Windmills and Lighthouses

After another day that felt like mid-Summer, it is not easy to sit down at the computer once again and get back to work. However, here I am!

For some reason, I have been thinking about my drawings of lighthouses and windmills today. I don't really understand the process that finds me doing one drawing after another of something very similar -- like all the cat drawings I did for this season's Christmas cards. Sometime last year, I suddenly found myself attracted to every photo I saw of lighthouses with the occasional windmill thrown in. I have usually found it best to go with the flow in these matter until I feel completely satiated. Anyway, let me show you a number of the drawings I ended up with.

First, however, I would like to show you a related drawing that I did in either 2005 or 2006 of the beautiful harbour in Lunnenberg, Nova Scotia. This drawing has made a popular greeting card and is entitled "Peaceful Harbour (Lunnenberg).

Now for the lighthouses and windmills.

This first lighthouse is actually the famous lighthouse at Peggy's Cove from a very different angle and in a very different season than usual. It is called "Peggy's Cove in Winter" and in case you are not sure what that strange looking object is sticking up in the back of the drawing, I will tell you -- it's an old, rusty anchor!

This next lighthouse is a drawing of a photo of the Nova Scotia ferry dock and lighthouse -- the ferry that comes across from Maine. I have entitled the drawing "Another Nova Scotia Lighthouse" which should remind you of my usual lack of creativity when it comes to titles!

Now we have a drawing of windmills. The photo that I worked from was actually taken in Holland. And once again showing off my great skill at creating titles, I have named the drawing: "Windmills in Holland"!

Then we have a drawing of a lighthouse in New Brunswick. I think this was the first lighthouse I tried to draw on the computer and it is entitled -- wait for it -- Lighthouse (New Brunswick)!

This next drawing may look very familiar to you if you are a regular reader of the Toronto Star. The Star often advertises photos -- many black and white -- that you can purchase from them for hanging on your walls. One of the photos they show regularly is the one that I used as my model for drawing this next lighthouse (although the lighthouse is a rather minor part of the whole drawing). I tried to be a bit more clever in the naming of this one and ended up calling it"Fencing the Sea"!

Here is a drawing that certainly pleases me each time I look at it. The model for this one was actually a post card sent to me by a very dear friend while he was visiting out in British Columbia. The picture is of the lighthouse off the coast of Victoria, B.C. and I entitled it "Victoria's Lighthouse".

Here is another view of the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove. Once again I tried to use colours in such a way as to give that well-photographed scene a completely different appearance. This one is entitled "Eastern Stones".

Next is a drawing of a lighthouse in Ontario -- that's right, Ontario. I have been told that this lighthouse at Abino Point is the only lighthouse located in the southern part of the province. Whether this is true or not, I cannot say, but I do like the many unique characteristics of the structure of this lighthouse. It is entitled "Abino Point Lighthouse."

Then there is this rather unusual looking windmill located in Ontario near a place called Bayfield. Once again the structure seems very different. If I wasn't in the wheelchair, this is definitely one of the places in the province I would like to go and visit.
With my usual flair, I have named this drawing "Bayfield Windmill"!
This last one in my series of lighthouses and windmills is an experiment I did on perspective.
The photo I used as a model was taken by someone standing on a cliff high above the harbour at Camden, Maine. The lighthouse, with its buildings, is located on an island in the harbour and so I called it "View from Cliff above Camden".

The last two drawings I want to show you tonight are of young boys.
This first one was part of a newspaper photo. I found the young boy's apparent concentration very appealing. I added the notebook and pencil and called it "Division is Difficult!"

And, finally, here is a drawing of two young boys walking along together in what appears to be comfortable companionship -- quite possibly returning home after playing ball together. I called the drawing "Best Friends" and the photograph was actually taken in Zaire.

Tomorrow night I am going to try to have the two "cat" Christmas card drawings completed so I can show them to you. Of course, Sunday is a busy day for me so I may not make it, but I will try.

Meanwhile, I hope you are all having an enjoyable Saturday evening . Please let me hear from you if you are interested in asking questions or purchasing cards or prints from me. Just to remind you, my email address is
May God bless you and keep you safe.

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