Thursday, 13 September 2007

Wonderful World of Colour (Christmas cards II)

The sun is shining brightly but the breeze is just a touch on the cool side, it's a beautiful day. Like most sunny days, it has been a day filled, for me, with the extraordinary beauty of colour. When my home care was here this morning, before I even saw the sunny sky, she helped me get dressed in clothes I chose because of the colours -- particularly because of the colours in the earrings which go with those clothes!
I love earrings.

As soon as I drove my wheelchair out into the sunlight, I was immediately overwhelmed by the beauty of all those colours that are so prolific at the end of summer -- the golds and reds and yellows and greens -- with the blue, blue sky in the background. There was also lots of light and shadow which tends to make everything more striking as well as revealing all the gradations as the colours "move" from sunlight to shadow. I am so very grateful for the gift of sight and I pray for all of those who have never had sight and, most especially, for all those who at this moment are in the process of losing their sight -- as some of my friends are.

Of course, all this talk of colour brings me back to my art work.

I promised to show you some of last year's Christmas cards yesterday and that is what I plan to do; however, I would also like to show you some of my drawings that use brilliant and/or exciting colouration! So let's get started.

First, last years Christmas cards:

If you look closely at the one with the trees, you will see that the bright tree has a faint star design around the top -- creating sort of a candle effect. The title is simply "Christmas Trees."

The second drawing is entitled, The Merry Christmas Bear.

The most popular one, however, is the drawing I did of Quebec City at night. I used a very familiar "postcard" as the model for my drawing and it is called "Wintertime in Old Quebec."

This next drawing is one I did using a newspaper photograph as my model. It was actually a large photo of a group of children putting on a Christmas pageant and to one side I noticed these two little girls dressed as angels and looking very holy. How could I resist. It is simply called "Angels"

Here is the last of the cards I was selling in 2006 (all of which are still available, by the way). I used the same background for this one that I had used in 2005 for the fir trees in the snow. This one is entitled "Christmas Eve."

In yesterday's blog, I mentioned that I would also be showing you some unusual drawings by a young girl. One of the girls I sponsor through Christian Child Care International lives in Guatemala. She always sends me a drawing at Christmastime. These were done when she was about the age of 9 years (she is almost 13 now). I sold them last year to people who were interested in giving cards where half the proceeds would be going to a charity (this information was on the back of the 2 cards). The cards turned out to be very popular and so I plan to make them available again this year. I call one "Christmas Flower" and the other is named "O Happy Morning".

Now, I was planning on showing you some of my most brilliantly coloured cards; however, I find that I am getting quite tired -- not unusual for an old lady like me! So, I will save the brilliant colours for another time.

Thanks for joining me again for this ongoing tour of my virtual art gallery.

Blessings and Peace.

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