Wednesday, 10 October 2007

And Another!

So another night and another new drawing. The photo that I used as my model for this one came from the 2007 Dove calendar. There were a number of interesting photographs in that calendar, but this was the only one that "spoke" to the artist in me. I call the drawing "A Bird in the Hand".

Once again, I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions.

The following drawings are a few more from my archives.

[It just dawned on me a few nights ago that I will soon have shown you everything in the archives and since I have no idea when I will have finished another new drawing, I will have to consider what I will do with my blog when there are no drawings to show you! Perhaps I can find some photos of some of my other types of art work from years past ... we will see.]

Anyway, the first item from the archives tonight is entitled "Lucky Bamboo".

This drawing was done using a combination of sources: a photograph of a bamboo plant and my memories of a beautiful bamboo plant I saw in a very expensive florist shop. The plant in the shop was not only beautiful and healthy, but was also artfully arranged in a beautiful bowl with many different coloured rocks. One of these days I am going to get one like it for myself!

Next is another Three Sisters drawing. As you may recall, the previous one was of a mountain range in Alberta. While this one is of water-carved rocks off the coast of Nova Scotia. So, I call this drawing "Three Sisters -- Nova Scotia"!

The rocks actually look like great stone figures standing guard over small bits of greenery sitting on the sea. They remind me of some of the stone figures I used to see in the New Mexico semi-desert south of Silver City. Wind, water and time can do amazing things to rocks.

Speaking of rocks makes me think of one of the books by a favourite author of mine, Annie Dillard. The book is entitled "Teaching A Stone to Talk".

Here is an African mother stopping for a moment to rest in her journey to somewhere.
So, I call the drawing: "A Few Moments of Rest".

This was one of my earliest drawings on the computer of a mother with a small baby and I still had lots to learn about technique. Of course, I still have lots of learn and will probably always have lots to learn, but at the time I did this drawing, I knew even less than I know now.

Here is another mother and child. However, this mother is not the mother of this baby, but rather the grandmother. So, the drawing is called "Precious Grandchild".

The photo that I used for this one was of people I know so I also know the story behind the photo. The grandmother had been babysitting. The baby had been very active, but had finally fallen asleep in the grandmother's arms. By this point, the grandmother had a headache so, with the baby asleep, she gratefully closed her eyes and rested. It was at this point that another family member snapped the photo!

Finally, tonight, I want to show you another Toronto landmark. This is the greenhouse at Allan Gardens in downtown Toronto. It should not surprise you, then, to learn that I call the drawing "Greenhouse -- Allan Gardens"!

The greenhouse, by the way, is a delightful place to go in winter since it has so many tropical plants in it. It can be so very cold outside and then you go into this warm, humid place with the sounds of running water. It is really a nice experience except for the fact that my glasses fog up so badly that I can't see through them for about 5 or 10 minutes!

So we come to the end of another tour. I hope you enjoyed it. Remember, I would always appreciate comments about my art work. I don't even mind criticisms! I have learned a great deal from constructive criticism. So, let me hear from you.

Wishing you a peaceful night and a tomorrow filled with blessings.

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