Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Another New One!

So, here is the new drawing I was mentioning last night. I finished it -- at least I reached a stopping place since, as you know, I may make further changes as I live with it.

You probably recognize the men as representing all the Buddhist monks in Burma during the recent pro-democracy demonstrations. As many people, I was deeply moved by their heroism in demonstrating in the first place and terribly saddened at what followed. I am also very disappointed by our Canadian government's response (or lack thereof, I should say).

Anyway, I call the drawing: "We Shall Overcome, Someday...". That is a very meaningful song for me as it was part of my own battles against oppression in the 1960's and I feel it applies very well to the current situation in Burma.

I would appreciate hearing your opinions about the drawing and about the tragic events that have occurred these last few weeks in Burma.

Next are a few more items from the archives.

This first one is actually a favourite of mine which I have somehow overlooked showing you until now. It was one of my earliest drawings and is called "After the Storm"

The rainbow is actually a graphic from my stock of graphic images. I understand that the Adobe software would enable me to make colours transparent but my current limited software is not able to do that.

This oil painting that follows is one I did a number of years ago. For whatever reasons, the painting of a western-style windmill at dusk bears an emotional relationship, for me, with "After the Storm".

Another early drawing that I found was this one of the Clivia plant in bloom. You may recall a somewhat similar drawing that I showed you a couple of weeks ago. I think the name of that drawing is "Clivia in Bloom". It was drawn this year from an actual plant. The drawing here was drawn several years ago and was drawn from a photo. This one is simply called "Clivia" (maybe I should call it "Clivia, the Original")!

This next drawing was actually done this year as the cover for a birthday card for a special friend of mine who loves butterflies. Once again I used branches of my favourite tree, the southern Dogwood. The drawing is called "Butterflies in Dogwood".

The final drawing tonight is also from the archives and was one of the first drawings I tried to do on the computer of a group of people.

You may notice that, once again, there are three people in the drawing -- just like there are three monks in the first drawing. If you look back of my drawings of people, there are so many of three together. Artistically, it creates a balance, but I also am very fond of any type of trinity!
This drawing, by the way, is called: "Three Sisters at a Picnic".
And, so, we come to the end of another brief tour. I want to go and do some more work on another new drawing. If I am able to finish it tonight, I will be able to show it to you tomorrow!

Wishing you a restful night and many blessings.

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