Saturday, 6 October 2007

A Beautiful Baby

I went to a Baptism today of a beautiful baby boy. In fact, there were lots of beautiful children there -- most of them cousins of the little one receiving the Sacrament. Lots of photos were taken so I am hoping that I may end up with some new material for my art work.
I had to take Wheeltrans, of course, in order to get to the church and both rides were just a little bit early and both drivers were very nice. So I have nothing to complain about other than the fact that the whole experience increased my pain level and left me feeling tired as is usually my experience on these outings. Nothing serious, however, and I am feeling better now after resting during the afternoon.
The drawing above is NOT a picture of the child who was baptized, but is instead another work from my archives. The drawing is entitled: "Little Boy Blue" with my apologies to the artist (long since dead) who originally used this title!

What follows are older drawings that haven't seen the light of day for some time. There only connections are that they were all found in my archives and I haven't shown them to you yet!

First, let me show you a scenic of Juniper trees in British Columbia. Nothing of any real interest to comment on in this drawing and the title is obviously, "Juniper Trees".
This next brightly coloured drawing is my only attempt, so far, to draw Amaryllis. I drew these a couple of Christmases ago after receiving one of those Amaryllis kits as a gift. Probably I will try drawing them again the next time I receive a similar gift. As usual, the name is obvious:


Next is my second try a drawing a skater -- the first effort was even worse! Ice skating was never a part of my experience mainly because I did not grow up where children had ice skates or outdoor ice. We all had roller skates instead. In high school we often used to meet at a local roller skating rink and spend hours trying to out-perform each other. But ice skating is something else. People are able to lean from one side to another on those blades -- something that is impossible with old-fashioned, 4-wheels-to-a-boot roller skates.
This drawing shows a young woman skating along on the Rideau Canal (Ottawa) early in the morning. I call it "Solitary Skater".

This rather strange drawing that comes next is actually of three Tibetan boys. I came across a photograph of the three friends in a magazine article about the Tibetan people who now have a temporary homeland in India. Hopefully, someday, they will have their own country back again. Anyway, I was attracted to this photo because of the happy looking faces of the boys. The title -- surprise -- is "Three Tibetan Boys"!

Here is a drawing of a lifeguard station in the Beaches area of the City of Toronto. I think it is called Lewty Lifeguard Station. I simply call the drawing "Lifeguard Station".

This was one of my earlier drawings on the computer and I had a bit of trouble at that time drawing upside down boats. One friend I was showing the drawing to after I had finished it asked me, after a moment's hesitation, "what are those big white things on the beach?"!!

I am working on two new drawings at the present. I am hoping to have one of them finished by the next time I post.

I also should mention how primitive the software is that I use for my drawings. One of the recent comments I received was talking about learning PhotoShop. I don't know how to use any of the Adobe software. I keep telling myself that one of these days soon I really need to take the time to teach myself some of these graphic-type programs, but I never seem to get around to it. All I can do with my program is draw lines with the mouse and then colour what is inside the lines. Oh well, I will get around to improving myself one of these days.

Meanwhile, I shall end the tour for this evening. I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. May God keep you and your dear ones safe.

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