Friday, 5 October 2007

Comments and Questions

Most of the comments and questions I get come directly to my inbox and are not posted as comments on my blog. However, one faithful comment maker who does reach me through my blog has made some very insightful comments. In her latest comment, she asked a question about one of the drawings in last night posting.

She said: "What did you use for the ground in "When is he coming home?" In case you don't remember, that was the drawing I did of a dog sitting by the fence at dusk, waiting for his "master" to come home.

If I recall correctly, what I used was a black and white photo of a gravel pit which I scanned and then added some colour to in an effort to make it look more like a dirt road. It was nothing as clever as a swiffer cloth -- that stage came some months later.

Another comment I received today in an email from a friend said: "Your blog's terrific, would make a great book with editing."

She is a retired journalist. So, I was feeling very proud of myself until I thought a bit more about what she did and did not say. For example, what she did not say was just how MUCH editing was required! Oh, well... back to the drawing board, so to speak.

By the way, I forgot to include one of my animal drawings last night that I had found so I will include it here. I am sure St. Faustina won't object even though it is her feast day and not St.Francis'!

By the way, the drawing at the beginning is called "Bunnykins" which is a perfect name for the bunny in this drawing.

This next drawing is another one that I came across in my archives. This is one more scene in Poland. As you may have noticed, I have a fondness for things Polish simply because one of my dearest friends is Polish and through her, I have met some really wonderful Polish people.

This drawing is of the shipyards in Gdansk (that was where the organization that we call in English "Solidarity" was founded). This is also another one of my early morning drawings (my favourite time of day) and is simply called "Shipyard (Gdansk, Poland)".

Now, tonight I want to talk a little bit about portraits and show you a few more examples.

I have been trying to let people know that I can do a drawing from a favourite photograph and make a print large enough to be framed and placed on the wall. This is the sort of thing that people often like to do with a photo of their child and I really enjoy drawing children. However, I also enjoy drawing people of all ages. I realize these days that if you have some software such as PhotoShop, you can take a photograph and make it look almost like a painting but people may not have the necessary skills or software to do it themselves! Just something to keep in mind if you think it would make a nice gift.

Anyway, the first drawing I want to show you in this section is another one of family members -- in this case, a niece and her precious little boy. I call this drawing "Sweet Baby Boy".

Next, is a drawing of a dear friend who, tragically, was killed last year in an automobile accident. After her death, I realized that all I had were some snapshots of her with me and other family members. I wanted something that I could frame and so I drew this picture. She was very involved in her church and that is why I put her in her white choir robe. I used her nickname for the name of the drawing: "Cookie".

And, sadly, this next drawing is of the child of a friend of mine who died of cancer before he had reached the age of 10. He was a beautiful little boy and so very clever. Truly, it is one of the most difficult things to come to terms with -- the death of a young child. I entitled the drawing "My Precious Son" because that was what his mother called him when she telephoned that awful day to let me know that he had passed away.

Finally, so that I don't leave my blog in too sombre a mood, I want to show you a rather funny drawing of actual plants. They are strange and wonderful looking and they really do exist! I called the drawing: "Ring Them Bells".

So we come to the end of another one of my virtual tours. I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to continue to comment either on the blog or at my email address. Thanks for all your helpful suggestions.

Wishing you all a peaceful night. Blessings.

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