Saturday, 20 October 2007

Comments but no Solution Yet

Well, here I am back again still trying to figure out what to do about my Christmas cards that I showed you on the 17th. As I said, I want to choose 10 of them for this year's set for those people who usually buy one or more sets from me. There are 16 possible choices which I posted.

At this point I am feeling more and more like going with 9 cat and dog cards and using the winter scene in old Quebec for the 10th one. But every time I think I have really made up my mind, I remember how much I like the fir trees in the snow and I get all undecided again!

One of the people who comments fairly regularly had this to say: "Why not 2 sets of 8, each set with a different theme? For example, you could have the 'traditional set', and include the more traditional scenes (i.e. #10 & #11). Or perhaps one for animal lovers (including the cats, dogs, horses). There are so many possible approaches. Well - it seems all I've done is outline your dilemma, without offering any real advice. I guess I'm really no help at all!"

Even though she wasn't a great deal of help, I really do appreciate her comments.

I have also considered making sufficient copies of all 16 cards and letting the customers chose which 10 they want (who knows, they might even decide to buy more than the traditional set of 10). However, that is a rather costly plan as the paper I use is quite expensive and if certain cards did not sell, I would be stuck with them! I'm beginning to feel like one of those crazy characters in Alice in Wonderland.

Well, enough of that for tonight. I have two new drawings to show you. They are both recently finished which means that they are really still in process, but they are far enough along for me to show them to you.

This first one was modelled on a photo of an African child who lives in a country where female circumcision is regularly practiced and infibulation is occasionally practiced.

I call the drawing "Please Don't Cut Me".

This second drawing was modelled on a photograph sent to me by a friend. You can't see it but the hands in the drawing are actually holding a red cap full of sugar water which the Hummingbirds are greedily drinking. It would appear that they are one adult male, one adult female and one juvenile.

I call the drawing "Patience Rewarded -- Hummingbirds".

So I come to the end of another post.

Remember if you have any brillant or just plain helpful suggestions for me concerning my Christmas cards, please contact me.

Meanwhile, I wish you all a peaceful night and a tomorrow filled with blessings.

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