Thursday, 11 October 2007

Emptying the Archives

I'm not positive, but these may be the last few images left in the archives that I haven't shown you! The only group of drawings that I know I haven't shown you yet are my holy cards -- so those will probably be next.

This first drawing tonight is called "The Courtyard Gate". The photo that gave me the original idea for the picture was of one of the gates on the University of Toronto campus. The view of the courtyard is a creation not based on reality.

Next is a drawing entitled "Bodhisattva" and is entirely created from my imagination.

Bodhisattva is a Buddhist term from the School of Mahayana Buddhism and is the name given to someone who is destined to become enlightened (attain nirvana) but who postpones one's own salvation in order to help others on the spiritual path.

I am not really sure why I called the drawing by this name other than it is a meditatively-quiet garden with a Buddha-type statue plus I happen to like to say Bodhisattva!

The next drawing shows some boats "at rest" just before dusk turns to darkness. The moon is rising and the sky is reddish. The idea for this scene came from a photo.

The drawing is called "Sailors' Delight". As you are probably aware, the title comes from the old rhyme about sailing weather: "Red sky at night, sailors' delight; Red sky at morning, sailors take warning."

This next drawing is of a hay field that has been recently mowed.

The name of the drawing is "Making' Hay".

The drawing was inspired by a photo taken in a place called Holland, Manitoba.

Originally, I named the drawing "Hay in Holland" (I thought this sounded very clever) but people kept saying things like "I didn't know they had big hay fields in Holland". So I decided to change the title to something without Holland in it!

The final drawing tonight is another one largely based on my imagination. The three people were actually in a photo in an article about India, but their clothing and all the other things in the picture were added by me as I tried to make an illustration for one of my favourite stories -- the story of Sarah (Sarai) and Hagar.

If you are not familiar with the story and you have access to either the Christian or Jewish scriptures, look in the book of Genesis, chapter 16, and you will find the entire story. I know that Muslims also have the same story but I am not really sure how it is listed and I apologize for my lack of knowledge. Anyway, the name of the drawing is "Sarah and Hagar" while the little boy's name is Ishmael.

So, we come to the end of another posting. As I said in the beginning, I will probably make the next one a posting about my various holy cards. I promise to put a warning at the beginning, however, just in case you are one of those people who tries to stay away from things that are just too Catholic!

Meanwhile, I wish you a peaceful night and a tomorrow filled with God's blessings.

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