Monday, 8 October 2007

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all. This has been the hottest Thanksgiving ever and the humidity made it feel almost 10 degrees hotter! Thank goodness, the weather tomorrow is going to be much closer to seasonable temperatures as is the remainder of this week. I celebrated the day with a couple of very special people and instead of turkey, we had Korean food. It was delicious.

As a special blog-treat tonight, I want to show you one of several new cards I have done. This is another Christmas card and it is entitled: "We Three Kings of 'CRASH'"! The title is anticipating what is going to happen next when the kitty's paw reaches one of the figures.
The remaining drawings are all much older and are from the archives.

This first one is a scene of the Irish countryside.

The drawing is called: "Back Road in Ireland".

The dirt road turning to the left at the front of the drawing had a sign and an arrow pointing. Unfortunately, the sign was in Gaelic and since I did not have any idea what it said (nor could I find out by searching on the Internet), I decided that it might be prudent to leave out the sign. With the sign removed, there was no sense in having the arrow. I guess I could have posted the Gaelic here and see if anyone could tell me what it says, but my concern was: What if it says something improper? Oh, the problems of posting to a blog!

Next, are two drawings of plants from the days when I was just learning to draw on the computer.

This one is called "Succulents" for fairly obvious reasons.

The brown thing hanging a bit off the pot in the back of the drawing is supposed to be a very large pine cone!

This second one is called "Alternate Vision" which I think requires some explanation.

The photo I was working from was of all these different types of plants; however, the one in the back of the pot was much fuller with lots more leaves than it has here. I finished the drawing and as I looked at it, I became more and more convinced that the background leaves were overwhelming the rest of the drawing. So, I made a copy of the original and began to remove the leaves until it looked more balanced to me. The title for the original drawing was something like "A Leafy Vision" so the second version became "Alternate Vision". I have told you all this just to impress upon you once again how cleverly I compose titles! Thank you, thank you, but no applause is necessary!!

Now I want to show you my drawing of a hay wagon. I could have called it something poetic like Bringing in the Sheaves or The Gleanings; however, I chose to call it something much more direct and dramatic -- the title is "Hay Wagon"!!

Seriously, the hay wagon was the most important part of the drawing for me. I had never tried to draw the actual structure of an old-fashioned wagon before. The photo I was working from was actually of a wagon in a farmer's field in the Polish countryside so I wanted it to be as accurate as possible.

This final drawing is of a portion of the gardens at a very well known Toronto landmark -- the Old Mill.

So I called it "The Garden at the Old Mill".
This is a site of what was once a working mill

on the banks of one of the many rivers that flow through the City of Toronto and into Lake Ontario. Now it has a lovely restaurant, chapel and reception rooms surrounded by gardens.

It is a place where a lot of people chose to celebrate their wedding and even if the couple doesn't get married there, they often want to arrange to have pictures taken there after
having their celebration elsewhere.

So ends another post.
I have two new drawings that are almost finished and neither of them are Christmas drawings. I am sure that I will be able to show you one, if not both, of them in tomorrow's posting.
Wishing you a heart full of gratitude on this Canadian Thanksgiving Day.

God bless you.

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