Wednesday, 17 October 2007

I Need Help

I need help in deciding which 10 cards to use as my
official Christmas set for this year!

There are 16 choices shown here and I only need 10 cards. I have shown you all these cards previously and I have my personal favourites, of course. BUT sometimes the ones I like the best are not the most popular with the general public -- which is why I need your help.
Number one is called "Wintertime in Old Quebec".

Number 2 is entitled "Did I Do Something Wrong?"

Number 3 is my absolute all-time favourite of miz k.d. and is called "O Holy Night".

Number 4 is entitled "Let's Play Ball!" and has already become a best seller.

Number 5 is not easy to see clearly at this size but those are Christmas stockings hanging at the back of the hay pile. This one is entitled "Twas the night before Christmas".

Number 6 is one of only two dog drawings and is entitled "A Lady's Stocking".

Number 7 has one very special tree if you look closely and the drawing is called "Christmas Trees".

Number 8 is the only flower drawing in the bunch. This one is called "The Merry Christmas Bear".

Here is the other doggy drawing. Number 9 is entitled "An Exciting Time of Year".

Number 10 is a church where Christmas eve services are taking place and the drawing is entitled "Christmas Eve".

Drawing number 11 is called "Snowy Sleigh Ride".

Number 12 is of two little girls dressed up as angels in a Christmas pageant. The drawing is entitled "Angels".

Number 13 is entitled "An Armful of Cats" and is one of the few with an actual greeting on the front of the card.

Number 14 also has a greeting on the front of the card. The drawing itself is entitled "Unexpected Gift".

Number 15 is entitled "We Three Kings of CRASH!".

And the last one...

Number 16 is entitled "A Well-Deserved Rest"

So, remember, I need your help in deciding which 10 of these 16 I should choose to include in my official Christmas card set for 2007. Thanks.

Wishing you peace and joy.

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