Thursday, 4 October 2007

St. Francis and Creation

Happy Feast of St. Francis!

I have been thinking a lot about St. Francis and his view of creation. Did you ever see the film "Brother Sun, Sister Moon"? As Francis grew in his understanding of God, the scenes of nature in the film became more and more beautiful. I wonder what he would think of the shape creation is in today!

Before I preach you another sermon, I will turn my attention to my art work for this evening. This first piece is an oil painting I did in art class years ago. I guess every student does mountains at one time or another. I called this "Mountain Scene". You can see that even back then I was very clever when it came to titles!

Now, in honour of St. Francis, I have three drawings with animals that I unearthed from the archives recently. None of them are great, but they all bring back happy memories.

This first one is my attempt to draw Polar bears. I quickly learned that trying to draw white on a white computer screen can be extremely difficult; however, I persevered. This piece is entitled "I'm Cold, Mama".

Next is an early attempt to draw a dog using a mouse. I was working from a simple photo of a dog as my model, but then I had to put the dog in a setting that would give some sort of story to the picture -- as you probably know by now, I enjoy doing drawings about which I can create a story. The picture below is the result and the title I gave the drawing tells the plot of the story. I called it: "When is he coming home?"

My final tribute to St. Francis tonight is this drawing of a native American woman watching an eagle fly high in the western sky while she softly brushes her small drum. Maybe she, like St. Francis, is calling out to Brother Eagle to join in the Hymn of Creation.

I called the drawing "The Eagle Flies High".

Now from the sublime to the ridiculous!
This drawing of a scene, with an imitation Easter Island figure in it, was actually drawn using a photograph as my model. That's right. There was a photo in the newspaper some months ago of someone's garden in the City of Toronto and this was sort of how it looked. When I saw that wonderful statue surrounded by plants, I knew right away that I wanted to draw it. For whatever reasons, it delighted me.
I ended up calling it "Kon Tiki". I am not really sure why since this drawing has nothing to do with boats sailing the seas, but the events of the book by that name did take place in the general vicinity of Easter Island, so... Anyway, you shouldn't expect me to be too logical about names!
The final two drawings for tonight are of children.

This first drawing is loosely modelled after an adorable photograph of the granddaughter of a friend of mine. The little girl is, in fact, quite beautiful, but I was more interested in using her face and posture to create one of my picture stories.
The title ended up being: "Mommie! Balloon! Gone!"

And finally, I want to show you a drawing where the child's T-shirt gives the title. The photograph that I used as my model was in the newspaper and the child is actually the daughter of a Canadian soldier being shipped on Afghanistan.
My version of the story has him just returning from Afghanistan and he is just about to joyfully swing his little girl up into his arms. The drawing is simply called: "My Daddy".

This coming weekend is our Canadian Thanksgiving (for you U.S. readers who are not aware of this) which means that I expect to be doing a bit more socializing and eating than I would normally do. At the point, I see no reason why I won't be able to continue posting although Sunday night will probably find me a bit tired and then there may be company coming on Monday, Thanksgiving Day. We'll see how my poor, old body holds up!
For now, I will just say goodnight and God bless you and all your dear ones.


joanna said...

Hi Sallie. My friend Sue who you see at the coffee shop sent me the link to your site. I'm so impressed with your work. It was a pleasure viewing everything.
I have started painting with photoshop recently and enjoy it immensely.
I love photography and have been making cards and some framed work. I enjoy working with graphics and I have been making my own custom brushes.
It's amazing what can be done with the program. If I can dream it, I can create it....
Again, thanks for sharing your work...
Cheers, Joanna.

bwhiteway said...

OK - I have to ask. What did you use for the ground in "When is he coming home?"?

Also - I love the fact that you painted the baby with her father AFTER his return from duty. I pray that the hope you portray comes true in real life!

Scarborough, ON