Friday, 12 October 2007


Not only did I find a few more drawings in my archives, I also reached a stopping place with this drawing of my cousin that I have been working on over the past month! I hope you are as pleased about this as I am.

I call this drawing "What a Beautiful Little Girl!". By the way, this was the picture that prompted me to comment in one of my earlier posts about how some children are almost impossible to draw as young as they really are. For some reason, their eyes, usually, seem older than their two or three years. Very strange.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. As always, I really appreciate any comments or constructive criticism so please feel free to contact me.

Now, I will show you the very last items in the archives -- the bottom of the barrel so to speak!

It has been quite cool in the City of Toronto today so I thought it would be quite fitting to show you two, rather cold, pictures.

The first one was my only attempt ever to draw an iceberg. Lawren Harris made it look so easy, but, believe you me, it isn't -- especially with all the limitations of my poor old software.

Anyway, I call it "Iceberg Blues" and I certainly felt blue after reaching a point where I knew it was useless to try to do any more!

I have since gone and taken a good look at paintings of icebergs done in oil and acrylics and I can see what needs to be done -- the problem is: how to do it on the computer.

One of these days I must take the time to teach myself to use the Adobe Illustrator software I was given a year or so ago!

The second drawing for a cool day is of a really cold scene. I call this one "Deep Snow and Crackling Ice" and it makes me cold just looking at it!

This drawing was done so long ago that I don't even recall the photograph that inspired it. I vaguely recall a picture of a church somewhere up north during the wintertime -- in fact, the working name for this drawing was originally "wintertime".

Actually, I think someone ordered the design as part of their Christmas card set a couple of years ago so it definitely has some appeal.

Leaving the cold weather behind, in tonight's post anyway, I want to show you a drawing that has never seen the light of day before -- so to speak.

This one is called "Girl by the Lake" and was never even completely finished. I remember getting very frustrated with this drawing, feeling it was just too fussy and messy and I didn't know how to fix it. So, I put it in the archives and forgot about it until today.

Looking at it now, I am as uncertain as ever about what I could do to save it. I can still get a sense of what I was trying to capture in the drawing -- it was one of my earliest efforts to reveal my contemplative side on the computer -- but it just didn't work.

Next is a more recent drawing which also did not work but for a very different reason!

I was working from a photo of highland dancers in Nova Scotia and everything seemed to be going reasonably well until I started trying to create a plaid skirt. If I had been working with paints, I could have created an impression of plaid without actually copying all the little bits of detail that a computer drawing seems to require.

Anyway, as you can see, I started out making all the little blocks match quite nicely, but then.... Finally, I gave up and even though my friends said: "no one will ever notice", I am too much of a perfectionist about such things to ever feel good about the results.

The title of this drawing, by the way, is "Nova Scotia Lassie".

And, now, for tonight's final drawing from the very bottom of the archives.

This one is called "Autumn Gold" and was inspired by a very famous black and white photograph by Ansel Adams. My drawing cannot even begin to compare with the photo -- not even with the addition of some sort of mythical cloud creature trying to eat the moon -- which is why this drawing was truly at the bottom of the barrel.

Tomorrow night, if all goes as planned, I will have my first installment on the holy cards I have created: drawings and prayers. May you have a restful night and a Saturday filled with blessings.

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