Wednesday, 3 October 2007


This weather we've been having lately has me worried -- and the weather predicted for this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend has me even more worried -- I mean 30 degrees C and sunny on Sunday! Lots of people I talk with comment on what great weather we are having and how they would like for it to last all year! They seem to be happy, not worried at all. So I have decided that perhaps I am more naturally a worrier than other folks. My mother used to call me a "worrywart".

What is worrying me, obviously, is that it is not supposed to be this warm in October in Canada. So for me, the warm weather doesn't make me happy, instead it makes me just that much more aware of this whole business of global warming. What if this warm weather becomes the norm for fall and winter -- what kind of weather would we end up having in spring and SUMMER? I don't even like hot weather! See what I mean about being a worrier. Oh, well, I think I should take my mind off my worries by showing you some more of my drawings.

And the best kind of drawings for me to focus on are ones of plants and flowers. I love to draw them and have been doing so for many years. For example, he photo at the beginning of tonight's post is one I came across recently of one of my watercolours from the 1960's. My dear sister, Betty, always loved this one so that makes it special for me. It is simply called "Iris".

Now for my more current drawings...

This is one that may seem somewhat familiar to you. I haven't actually shown it to you previously -- at least not in this format -- but I did use it as part of the background for a drawing I showed you a few weeks ago of my cousin, the dancer. That drawing is entitled "Floating on the Breeze". This drawing is entitled "Purple Anemone".

This next drawing is one of the very first drawings I did on the computer -- of flowers. I was not working from a model but just from my imagination and, as you have seen previously, when I work from my imagination, strange things happen. I call this drawing "Wild and Crazy Orchids".

Now I want to show you two views of the same drawing. This first one is called "Gladiolas" and the colours shown are more or less like the colour of the actual flowers I was working from.

Well, at some point, an acquaintance came along and said: "I really like this drawing of the Gladiolas, but I am not too sure about all that black in the background." So, I asked her if she thought it would be more appealing with more red and pink and less black and when she said yes, I made a copy of the original, changed some of the colours and she ended up buying a set of 10!

So, this is what the drawing looks like with a change of colours. On the spur of the moment I made up a new name. I could have just called it Gladiolas II, but seeking to be a bit more creative, I named it "Red on Black with Variations".

This should be a reminder to you, of course, that I really do have a talent for coming up with clever names!

And, here is another drawing of tulips. As you may have noticed, tulips seem to be my favourites after orchids. This drawing, by the way, has a history of changing containers. When I first finished the drawing, I had these tulips sitting in an old-fashioned, black, cast-iron wash pot. I called it Wash Pot Tulips. Friends complained about all that black so I put them in a more modern galvinized tin wash tub. I now called it Wash Tub Tulips. After several more negative comments, I drew them in this present tub which is just based on my imagination and the name, currently, is "Tub of Tulips".

The complaints ceased -- I'm not sure if it was because the viewers finally liked what they saw or because they just gave up entirely. At any rate, I refuse to worry about that when I have something major like global warming to focus on!!

This next drawing is another one with tulips. I gave it the title of "Going Wild" as I ended up getting so carried away with drawing the vines that I almost covered up the flowers. I have used part of this drawing as a background for another one that I have already shown you, but I will let you try to find out which one -- if you are interested.

And, finally tonight, is a drawing that I had even forgotten I had drawn! It is of the ginger plant. I like things that are named "ginger". I love ginger tofu, ginger tea and I once had a wonderful cat named Mr. Ginger. I also named this drawing "Ginger" but I really didn't like it that much and ended up sticking it in a file of things I was considering deleting. Now I am glad I didn't delete it as it brings back some good memories of what was going on in my life when I drew it.

Tomorrow if the feast of St. Francis (October 4th) so I am thinking that I will try to find a few more drawings I have done of animals to include in my tour in honour of St. Francis. He was the little man of Assissi who loved all of creation. He is also the perfect saint for me to turn to for help whenever I find myself worrying too much about global warming. Maybe his prayers can inspire us to do whatever has to be done to save the earth and all its creatures.

Blessings and peace.

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