Friday, 30 November 2007

Busy Time of Year

This has been another busy day of a very busy week. And why has it been so busy for me? Because I am working hard at creating a business out of what has previously been mostly a hobby.

I am making a serious effort to change the focus of my business from seasonal greeting cards to other art work -- like the icons I mentioned selling on Wednesday. I will still make note cards for my regular customers, but even there I want to try something new.

I don't know how many of you are familiar with a web site called Toronto the Better
but my business is listed there along with lots of other really interesting businesses.

If you go there, you will find lots of organizations that sell fair trade items and are concerned about being green and ethical. Check it out.

Anyway, they are going to be taking copies of this card (African Grandmother, see above) and placing it in some of their stores where you can buy it. This drawing, by the way, is a picture that came out of a political/social situation in Africa where so many grandmothers are ending up parenting their grandchildren because their children have all died of HIV/AIDS. Also, the organization it was designed for is associated with the Stephen Lewis Foundation. (Remember December 1st is World AIDS Day.)

I have lots more cards that have political/ ethical themes (as my faithful readers know) and I am hoping that they might be interested in selling some of those cards as well.

Meanwhile, I am still working on icons.  Sunday, December 2nd, will be the first Sunday of Advent and Advent is time where Christians prepare for the coming of the Lord.

Therefore, it seemed appropriate to me to work on an icon of the Holy Family as part of my preparation for Christmas. As soon as it reaches the first draft stage I will show it to you and hopefully get some constructive criticism from you.

Also in an effort to increase my creative potential, I have finally decided to seriously pursue the study of Adobe Illustrator (I already have the software). One of my faithful readers sensed that I was finally ready to began and very kindly sent me the link for a wonderful web site called Hassle Me ( I have asked them to remind me every two days that I am supposed to be studying Adobe Illustrator. It will almost be like having parents again!

So, now I think I will return to my art work -- a most enjoyable way to end my day.

Blessings to you all.

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