Friday, 23 November 2007

Finally Feeling Better!

unshine on my shoulders...

Light, today was filled with glorious light. Yes, it was bone-chillingly cold, but the sun was shining and whenever I could get myself in the right part of the sidewalk, I could even feel its warmth. Once I almost got hit by some falling ice. Amazing how much heat we still can get from the sun this time of year.
I was thinking a lot about light anyway after two days of very cloudy skies: Wednesday it rained all day; Thursday it tried to snow all day although by the late afternoon there were already glimpses of occasional sunlight.
Light is the artist's friend -- although too much or too little can drive you crazy when you are trying to get an exact colour on a canvas. The ability to show light and shadow can change a boring painting into something exciting. And, of course, there is nothing worse than a muddy canvas -- when it reaches that point, you may as well start over.
I miss being able to work easily with the drama of light in my computer drawings. I understand, from those who know about these things, that this problem is largely my fault because I am too lazy to learn the more sophisticated software that would enable me to put down layers of shading where the colour underneath still shows through. Perhaps if all you folks out there who appear to be faithfully reading my blog were to get on my case... Oh, well, I would probably come up with some new excuse.
Anyway, I want to show you a couple of paintings I did some years ago that were attempts on my part to express something about the symbolic nature of light and how it stands for God or good. I can't recall if I have shown you these previously, if so, bear with me.

This first one is called "The Piercing of the Heart" and represents the soldier's piercing of the Heart of Christ at the crucifixion to make certain that he was really dead.
Catholics have a whole tradition about the Sacred Heart of Jesus -- especially as a hiding place when you are overwhelmed by the harsh realities of life.
This painting was done on poster paper using poster paint.
This next painting was done many years ago and was painted on canvas board with oils. The title for this one is "The Light at the Heart of the World".
I painted this back in the late 1960's when I still believed that we, the young, could change the world by love and non-violence.
Of course, what none of us put into the
equation back then was time. We thought we could change the world by the time we reached the age of 30!
So, this painting came out of the belief that at the centre of everything there was goodness and all we had to do was love the darkness away and let the light shine. Remember?
Interestingly, this was the first painting of mine that anyone ever offered to purchase. I was being very much of a weekend hippie in those days so I said something like, "Hey, man, if you like it that much, it's yours." I can't remember now if he accepted my offer or not!
Anyway, it is great to be feeling better again and I understand we are headed for a gradual warming trend with a few more days of sunshine mixed with clouds. Enjoy!
Peace and blessings to you all.

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