Wednesday, 28 November 2007


I had a very interesting experience today: I sold my first actual icons!
Not cards with pictures of icons on them or holy cards with pictures of icons on them, but almost-like-the-real-thing, pictures-on-wood icons!
Quite a few weeks ago, an acquaintance had ordered a "set" of icons (one of Our Lady and the Holy Child and one of The Christ). I told him that I would see what I could do. So, first I drew this picture of Our Lady and the Child known as Our Mother Of Perpetual Help which I have shown you before.
The fact that I was able to draw it as well as I did within the parameters of the traditional style was actually quite amazing to me. I can only guess that my ability had something to do with all the years I have spent meditating before this icon -- the icon that touches me more deeply than any other.

Shortly after finishing the drawing of Our Lady, a dear friend of mine asked me to do a drawing of an icon called Our Lord Pantocrator. I had previously tried to draw one of the many versions of this icon, but it was far from being satisfactory.
Fortunately, my friend was very patient with me and helped me create something closer to the traditional image. I finally reached a point where I think my friend was reasonably satisfied and she gave me permission to go ahead and print some cards for her using this image.
Well, up until today, my acquaintance who had ordered the icons had not seen any of the work I had been doing as he does not have Internet access. In preparation for his visit, I even had the picture of Our Lady mounted on a plaque with gold trim.
When he saw the drawings and saw as well how they will look when mounted on plaques, he was really almost speechless. He said several times: "I expected them to be good, but these are really, really good. They are excellent. So traditional and yet so modern at the same time."
Was this not music to my ears? Of course it was. No matter what they say, every artist loves praise and I am no exception. He went ahead and wrote out a cheque for the full amount before he left and even offered to pay me more "since the work more than meets my expectations."
So, now I will make 8 x 10 prints of these two images and mount each one on a
9 x 12 gold plaque. I am hoping that these are simply the first two of many icons that people will purchase from me in the days to come!
Blessings to you all from a very satisfied Sallie.

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