Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Now begins the time of the year when I seem to have to take extra pain medication more frequently. I don't know if it is due to the cold, rainy weather or the pending snow storm, but something really has my joints going crazy today.
At any rate, extra medication mean extra sleep is needed. During the times I have been awake, I've continued working on this latest icon -- another icon of Christ, Panocrator. I have been working on it for a number of days now and I think I mentioned it briefly when I was recently discussing the difficulty I have of drawing men's facial hair.
I am still not finished with this drawing, but it is certainly far enough along for me to share it with you.
This is my second attempt at an icon of Christ, Panocrator. The first one I posted some time ago. I downloaded it again tonight so that you could see it and compare it to the newer one.
As you can see, the first one is much darker while the latest one has a more "golden" look about it.
Much of what happens with icons, even for a novice like me, is unexpected and unplanned. I find this is also true to a certain extent with holy cards. It can really be quite exciting at times to see something appear on the screen as the drawing begins to come together that looks totally different from what I had planned to draw!
Well, I am starting to get drowsy again so I think I had better stop and call it a day. I am hoping and praying that once the snow arrives the humidity will decrease and maybe my joints will be happier.
Whatever happens, I pray that we all have a happy day tomorrow, filled with blessings. And to all my American readers: Happy Thanksgiving!

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