Saturday, 24 November 2007

A Sleepy Saturday Evening

It has been one of those days where I have kept almost falling asleep time and time again.

My legs were bothering me last night at bedtime and so I finally fell asleep a little past 1:30 a.m. only to wake up at 7:15. My home care was arriving at 8 so I figured I might as well just go ahead and get up. This left me a few hours short of a good night's sleep!

I was fine so long as I was staying active, but then I started reading the weekend newspaper (remember our Saturday paper is like the Sunday paper in the U.S.). After about an hour, I found myself nodding away, jerking awake, trying to finish reading the article, nodding away. So, I gave up reading the paper and figured I will maybe finish it tomorrow. Of course, everytime I glanced across the room, I would see miz k.d. sleeping away so comfortably.

Cats never cease to amaze me when it comes to sleep. I hear that they need about 16 hours a day and they really make certain that they get it! I think they are the absolute professionals when it comes to the art of relaxed sleeping. Like the cat in the drawing above. If you think it looks familiar, it should. This was the original drawing I did some months ago for a set of greeting cards. As we begin to get closer to Christmas, I made a copy of it and re-drew parts of it with torn wrapping paper and a gift tag which reads: "To Kitty From Santa".

This next photograph is one I came across recently and since it gave me a chuckle, I added it to my collection. It reminds me very much of a big ginger-colooured tom-cat I used to have by the name of Mr. Ginger. He was such a delightful character and I still miss him very much. Like so many male cats (and other male creatures), he took the prize when it came to sleeping -- anytime, any place.

Of course, among all creatures, the young sleep the best of all -- I guess they haven't learned about all the fearful things that surround them yet. And a healthy human baby at sleep is certainly a beautiful thing to behold.

This little one here -- all ready for Christmas -- looks like he might be the child of Santa and Mrs. Claus themselves! Actually, he is the young relative of a friend of mine.

This next drawing, which you have seen a number of times previously, is a favourite of mine.

As you may recall, it is entitled "A Mother's Prayer". The child in this picture is certainly old enough to be aware of what a frightening place the world can be and yet, because he sleeps in his mother's arms, he sleeps like a baby.

One of the things that I have always found most attractive about this drawing is that it shows the mother holding her son in a position that must be uncomfortable for her and yet she lets him stay because it seems to be comfortable for him. This is a visible expression of the best of motherly/ fatherly love for a child.

Next is another drawing that you have seen previously. For the life of me, I cannot remember what its proper title is. I should search through my archives and find out, but I am feeling far too lazy and sleepy for that! So I will give it a new and perhaps
temporary name: "Brothers".
Older brother is still so very young himself and yet he suddenly takes on a certain look of maturity as he holds his baby brother in his arms -- protecting him from harm. And his baby brother feels safe, obviously, as he is sleeping soundly.
Finally, I want to show you again a very recent drawing that I completed last weekend and posted for the first time earlier this week.
The title is "Missing Nap Time".

The reason for including it again tonight is because it best shows exactly how I am feeling. I am so sleepy that I think I could even sleep in this position without any problem! Of course, I would be full of aches and pains when I awakened, but I certainly wouldn't have any trouble falling asleep.

And speaking of sleep, even though it is still relatively early on a Saturday night, I see no reason to stay up any longer!

Until the next time, be at peace.

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