Monday, 26 November 2007

Wee Babes

Life is so very precious in all its forms. Everything that is alive struggles to survive until reaching a certain point of desperation or debilitation -- and even then if you give them the tiniest bit of hope, you can see the struggle to live return.

Human beings can sometimes talk themselves into dying for various reasons, but I won't go there tonight. I just mentioned the topic of life because I have been working on this new drawing of a wee babe entitled "Another Precious Life".

The drawing is not really finished yet -- lots of detail work still to be done or done more carefully -- but I wanted to show it to you anyway. I was attracted to this picture because of the unusual position of adult hands without a visible body and the baby being held at an angle. It is really a picture of mostly hands and tiny feet.

Speaking of wee babes, for some time now I have been wanting to show you this lovely photograph taken by a friend of mine a number of years ago.

This is a picture of my friend's granddaughter dressed in the Baptismal outfit worn by the father of the little girl when he was an infant. I love the way she is holding her fingers -- reminiscent of Winston Churchill's victory sign!

My friend was really looking forward to seeing her granddaughter grow up -- but that was not to be. She died of cancer in her mid-50's.

Like most of us would, she fought hard to live. But all the courage in the world is frequently no match for cancer.

My personal belief is that I will see my friend again some day in a place where we will be forever whole, healed and at peace. A place outside of time and age and pain. And that, in fact, my friend will someday meet this grandchild once again.

Truly, life is precious in all its forms.

May your life be blessed.

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