Friday, 21 December 2007

An Addendum, of Sorts

I have been fussing over the colours for this drawing off and on all day. I got some more good advice from another friend today and with her encouragement, finally made up my mind to give up all my bright colours I like so very much.
So, now I have re-worked all the colouring for the Guardian Angel, simplifying everything. I know I may still need to make some more changes, but I do feel that I am a lot closer to the final version than I have been previously.
The main reason I drew this particular image was because I love the idea of each of us having a Guardian Angel -- no matter race or religion -- given to us by God to try to help us through our daily lives as much as possible. While I realize that an angel can only do just so much when confronted by our human will, especially by our stubbornness and selfishness, at least our angel is trying to get us to go in the right direction and do the right thing.
A second reason I wanted to draw this picture was so that I could have something special to put on a plaque or card and give to the many children in my life. A picture that would remind them how precious they are to me and to God.
Of course, I also like to draw things that people want to buy, but that is certainly not what motivates me.
Anyway, enough of that...
I seem to be recovering from the bad case of the epizootics that I was suffering from last night. So, hopefully, I will have a comfortable Christmas. I wish the same for each of you and for all your dear ones as well.
I expect to be posting again before the big day.

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