Thursday, 20 December 2007


If you are wondering about this strange title, let me explain. When I was growing up in the southern U.S., if a child complained about not feeling well due to boredom or a desire to get out of work, the grown-ups would shake their heads and say: "you must have a bad case of the epizootics." It sounded like a real disease and the child would vigourously agree: "that's right, mama, I must have the epizootics." Of course, then the child would be informed that there was no such disease and that they had better get their chores done or else!

Over the years, it became a joke that I often shared with my sister, Betty. When she would telephone, if I sounded a bit down, she would say: "What's wrong? You sound like you've got the epizootics!" We would then both end up laughing.

Well, tonight I am really not feeling that great. I am probably just tired after a very busy week; however, I found myself thinking just a short while ago: "I must have a bad case of the epizootics"!!

Anyway, I did want to show you a couple of drawings. The first one is another angel I have been working on and feel ready to post for the first time.

It is another icon -- this one is of the Archangel Raphael. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the wonderful story of Tobias and Sarah in the book of Tobit found in the Catholic version of the Hebrew scriptures (Old Testament), but the Archangel Raphael has a starring role. (If you would like to hear the story, send me an email).

The open scroll that St. Raphael is holding has a verse on it that is representative of the Book of Tobit and also indicates his particular charism or mission.

So, this is my first draft and, as always, I would appreciate any comments or suggestions that might help me as I continue to work on it.

As you know, this is my second attempt at drawing an angel and I am a bit more satisfied, technically, with this effort than with the Guardian Angel.

However, I must admit that in spite of the difficulties associated with trying to find the right colours for the Guardian Angel drawing, I feel very affectionate towards the angel with the two children. It probably comforts my inner child -- who also really likes all the different colours.
I have been playing around with the colours in this drawing, but I still haven't reached the point of saying "yes, that's the way it should be."

My friend who always sends me such helpful suggestions did say that she had the feeling of too many colours. So I have been trying to subdue the colours somewhat, keeping them more or less in the same part of the colour wheel, but I really find it difficult to give up some of the bright ones. I am still working on making the wings a bit more detailed.

Once again, I would really be glad to hear from you if you have strong feelings one way or another about the drawing.

I received an order yesterday for 4 more icons so I plan to make the prints tomorrow among other tasks. So, I think I will call it a day. After all, when you have a bad case of the epizootics, you really need to get lots of extra rest!

Wishing you all a peaceful night.


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