Tuesday, 4 December 2007

A Little Sadness

A clip from the web site Collecting Loss, an art project by Karen Haffey and Esther Kalaba:
Betty Cosby StevensAge 83, 2007

"It smells of your perfume…As I sit here now, I can recall so many times when you were wearing this shirt as we visited - out on the screened porch looking at the lake, you with a glass of your favourite red in your hand, the sun setting across the water, the water causing our laughter to bounce back on us so that it seemed everything around was laughing, rejoicing. How I loved you then and how good it felt to be wrapped in your sisterly love for me...I still love you, Betty, and truly believe that your unconditional love continues to surround me even as I grieve the loss of your physical presence. Until we meet again..." written by Sallie Cosby Thayer.

The photo at the top of the column is of my sister, Betty's, favourite shirt for lounging around the house. I have no idea where she got it -- but she loved wearing it. What is such a picture doing in my blog, you might ask? Well, after I returned from the memorial service for my sister in Florida last spring, I came across a news article in the Toronto Star about an art project being done by two Ontario women. They were collecting favourite pieces of clothing, etc. belonging to people who had died; collecting them from people who had lost someone dear to them -- from babies to the very elderly. They were asking for the item to be submitted with a short story that answered a bunch of questions giving some insight into the relationship and the article of clothing.

Their project is called Collecting Loss and is really quite beautiful. If you are interested, take a look at www.collectingloss.com/gallery.html Go to View Gallery Stories and click on page 9 and about half way down you will see my sister's shirt with the blurb I have pasted in. Let me know what you think of the web site.

So that is why I used the title "a little sadness" tonight. It pleases me to see the shirt as part of an art project, but at the same time, it makes me feel a bit sad.

I cannot recall if I have posted an actual photograph of myself and my two sisters on my blog or not. Anyway, this seems like a good time to do so.
This photo was taken back in 1998 and I am sure will can't help but notice the shirt my sister, Betty, is wearing! We are even out on the screened porch I was speaking about in my blurb although you can't see the huge Cypress lake just outside the screens.
So many happy memories for which I am very grateful.
Well, moving on to my art work, I have finished the icon of the Holy Family and am now ready to start working on something new. I am always on the lookout for new subjects for drawing so if you come across something you think would be of interest to me, please feel free to pass it along. I gladly take help and suggestions from wherever I can get them!
Meanwhile, please be careful if you have to be out on any of the highways in northeastern North America -- you never know when you might be confronted by ice and snow!
Blessings and peace.

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Amra said...

Dear Sallie,
I hope, after sharing your sadness with your bloggers, you'll feel at peace, and have a good night sleep.
We are all sad with you.
Love & prayers