Friday, 14 December 2007

My Birthday!

Well, I have been having a wonderful birthday. Not only have I spent time with a number of my favourite people over the past 24 hours, but I have also managed to finish the first draft of my latest drawing.

This is another icon. It is called "Our Lady of Tender Mercy".

Not only have I managed to reach the first draft stage, but I have also created two versions of this icon.

The first one shows definite shadow and light areas on the faces with the cloak of Our Lady darkened. This is a technique that I have never tried previously and I am not sure how I feel about it.

Because of my ambivalence, I decided to also finish the drawing without highlighting the shaded areas. I thought this would give me a clear idea of which style I preferred. Instead, what has happened is that I still don't know which style best portrays the look of a traditional icon expressed through a modern medium.

I definitely need some input here.

I showed both to a friend who came to visit me early this morning bearing a birthday card and a gift.

At first, she could not see any difference other than the colours until I pointed out to her the shading on the faces. At this point, she decided that she preferred this second version without any major shading.

I said to myself -- well, OK, I will put aside the shaded version and only use the unshaded one. However, I find I am still questioning which one is more effective.

So, those of you who are regular readers of my blog, I am asking that you let me know if you have an opinion on this.

Which version should I use for the plaques and cards? Thanks.

Meanwhile, I need to go and recover from all my celebrating. As well, I need to start writing thank you notes to all those dear friends who gave me gifts. Actually the celebrations are not over -- I have additional birthday activities planned for Sunday and Monday!

Truly, I am overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of my family and friends. I am truly blessed.

May you all have a restful night.

Peace be with you.

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