Sunday, 16 December 2007

Snow, Snow, Snow

This has been quite a snow storm -- certainly we haven't seen the likes of this for the past few years. I hope those of you affected by this storm system are all OK. My readers from the southern U.S. didn't have snow, but some places, like Florida, did have some crazy weather as well. So, whatever you had to do today, I pray that you are all home now -- safe and warm.

Actually, you might be saying to yourself "what is Sallie doing posting on a Sunday night?" Well, it just seemed the right thing to do now that the wind has finally died down and miz k.d. is sleeping peacefully once again. For a while this afternoon, she was most distressed since we were having thunder along with the winds and heavy snowfall. She does not like thunder and I am sure she was as confused as I was when she heard thunder in the middle of a snow storm!

Also, I have a couple of things I wanted to show you as well.

The first drawing is nothing special -- just a long-haired, fat cat with a Santa hat on. I was just playing around with several different drawings of cats and ended up deleting them all except this one. There is something about the face that appeals to me. It doesn't have a proper name yet so at this point I am simply calling it "A Christmas Cat".

The most interesting project I was working on this weekend, however, is a revision of the famous Solidarity banner that originated in Poland in the late 70's, early 80's. The red and white banner in Polish with the Polish flag became the logo of the movement that was pivotal to the bringing down of the Communist government at the end of the 1980's.

The client wanted something similar in English with the Canadian flag. Fortunately, our flag is also red and white. I had fun doing this project and will be interested in seeing if the client approves of what I have done.

So, here's hoping that you are able to get to wherever you need to go tomorrow.

It was wonderful watching all those people on the news tonight trying to help one another out of snow drifts and over icy patches. How kind we can be when there is a crisis. I am sure that there were a lot of thank yous said today and probably there are a lot of grateful hearts in dwellings across the GTA tonight.

Wishing you all a restful night and an easy trip to wherever you have to be tomorrow.

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