Sunday, 27 January 2008

Advocates for Nature?

There was a big article in today's Toronto Star about whether the different aspects of the natural world needed legal advocates -- needed some sort of standing in our legal system.

The photo and caption I have included here were at the top of the newspaper article... and the damage resulting from oil spills was included as one of the serious problems caused by mankind with which Nature is frequently confronted in the modern world.

Also included was a photo and an account of Joyce Burnell and the oak tree. Ms. Burnell is an 80 something year old woman who fought developers who were determined to cut down an ancient oak to widen a highway. The oak in question was estimated to be at least three centuries old and stood 8 stories high.

Ms. Burnell won the battle. It cost her $300,000 but the highway now makes a slight dip and the oak tree stands.

Just recently there was a photo in one of the papers of a section of Yonge Street after a snow storm. As can be seen, it is full of trees. I was thinking to myself after reading today's article: "what if they wanted to widen Yonge Street?"

First of all, I don't think that would happen, especially not at this point which is near Mount Pleasant Cemetery, and the citizens would never allow them to cut down all those trees anyway. So, it is almost like these trees already have legal advocates.

This train of thought caused me to recall a photo that one of my regular readers sent me several months ago of her favourite tree.

This tree is located, happily, in a city park which means that it is very safe

I can't imagine any reason for cutting down a beautiful tree in a park other than illness or old age.

So, we have laws and protected areas in this part of the world but even here someone has to fight to save an oak tree.

In other parts of the world, trees and animals and birds and plants may all be destroyed to the point of extinction.

If they were being destroyed to feed the hungry that would be acceptable; however, they are usually being destroyed due to some rich man's greed -- enabling him to become a wee bit richer.

How God must weep at what we are doing to this beautiful Earth He gave us.

Leaving such sadness aside for the time being, I have included a drawing of the brother of a dear friend of mine.

This brother lives in the mountains just outside Taos, New Mexico, USA. He is a wonderful artist.

The reason I have drawn a picture of his face is that I am busily working on creating a special drawing that my friend can give him for his birthday.

He always sends her hand-drawn cards for special events and now, after much discussion, we have decided that she should send him something that will really surprise him.

I will let you see what we finally come up with.

Meanwhile, I am getting myself all prepared for my dental surgery on Tuesday. Please pray that it finally happens this time!

Peace be with you all.

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