Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Cats and Saints

Well, I survived to write another day! It turns out that I have been suffering with pneumonia -- no wonder I felt so bad. Now I am on my way to getting better thanks to still-effective antibiotics.

While I have been spending so much time at home these past days, I have often felt well enough to do a bit of drawing. I even decided to try to clear up a number of small projects that have needed doing but just somehow never seemed to get accomplished.

One of these projects was a request from a friend of mine to adapt one of my cat drawings to "sort of" look like her cat (pictured above). I asked her if she wouldn't like for me to actually do a drawing of her cat, but she said that all she wanted was for me to take my drawing of miz k.d. and adapt it to look a bit more like her cat. I agreed to try.

This is the result of my efforts.

I have since sent a copy of this "adaptation" to my friend via email, and have just heard back from her. She evidently wants to talk about making a few changes.

As always, you are welcome to make suggestions also.

I will show you the final result.

One other project I have been working on is a new icon of St. Peter.

I was inspired by a copy of a 6th century icon of the saint located in St. Catharine's Monastery on Mt. Sinai.

Some of these early icons are a combination of developing iconography and Classical art. This is an appealing example of the combination.

I still want to do more work on it including getting the Greek letters inserted for the name Peter. I am also open to suggestions from my readers. And, as always, I will let you know what the finished picture looks like.

I was inspired to do this drawing because the person who has been one of my most important companions in the spiritual journey is named Peter.

I am so grateful to be feeling a bit stronger. I still have a ways to go before I get my strength back, but I shouldn't be making any more postings about how bad I am feeling -- at least for a few weeks!

I wish you all good health and much peace and joy.

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