Saturday, 19 January 2008


I have been dealing with some issues this past week.
One of my main coping techniques is to spend more time than usual working on drawings. When I am doing art work, I get in my "zone". I am in the present moment and totally focussed on the drawing I am working on.
That is why I am showing you two brand new icons tonight!
This first one is a very modern interpretation of St. Francis of Assisi. Since I can't find the Greek for his name, I have identified him at the bottom of the icon. If anyone out there knows the Greek abbreviation for St. Francis, please let me know.
The second icon is of St. Joseph and the Holy Child. This is a more traditional icon.

The young Jesus looks more like a little man than a boy which is the way he always appears in Orthodox icons. I have heard it said that this indicates that he was always both divine and human.

His right hand is blessing us and the left hand holds the Book (pictured as a scroll in this icon).

St. Joseph holds the lilies, as usual, which indicate his purity. His name in Greek is not absolutely correct since I don't have access to a Greek letters such as Theta.

Anyway, I would appreciate your comments and suggestions about both of these icons.

Meanwhile, I think I will get back to my art work. I have some unpleasant dental surgery coming up on Tuesday and I really would prefer not to think about it!

I wish you all peace and joy.

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