Thursday, 31 January 2008

Drug-Induced Optimism

When I wrote on Tuesday, I was still full of those drugs that they used to sedate me with when the dental work was being done. I now know that the drugs left me feeling much better than I have felt since they have worn off!

I am just as certain that I will eventually recover, but I no longer expect it to happen quite so quickly.

Also, I had hoped to use this time stuck at home to get lots of work done on my drawings; however, my pain medication -- which I really need -- keeps interfering with staying awake!

So, I put this drawing in tonight from my Christmas selections as we have 20 cm of snow predicted (that's 8 in for all you Americans) for tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have neither a sleigh nor horses so I suppose I will be staying at home.

May we all have a peaceful night and a safe tomorrow.

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