Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Gift for a Friend

I have spent time during the past couple of days working on this new drawing. I have reached the first draft stage and wanted to show it to you.

However, I really want to show this drawing to one regular reader who, I know for a fact, is very fond of monkeys!

I have been telling this special person for some time that I would take a try at drawing monkeys one of these days -- I have never tried to draw them previously -- and so I finally did it.

The title of this drawing is "Monkeys Grooming" and although I still have more work to do on the drawing, I do hope my effort is appreciated! As always, I would be pleased to receive any comments or suggestions that might help me make it a better drawing.

The other item I have been working on is one of the very first Pantocrator icons I tried to draw.

I know the image is a bit overwhelming with its strong neck and shoulders, but I really do like the idea of Christ in His Resurrected Body looking very strong and masculine.

It is not the way that icons are normally drawn as they are supposed to try to express the meeting place of the human and divine -- and too much masculinity makes the drawing seem more human than divine.

That said, I still find it appealing and so I have been working on it to see if I can't "resurrect" it somehow! It may not be possible and, if not, it will end up in the file where I keep all those drawings which I can't bring myself to completely delete -- yet.

Our Toronto weather, by the way, seems to be getting a bit colder each day and I hear that snow is predicted for the weekend. Oh, well, it is after all just the middle of January!

Peace be with you one and all.

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