Friday, 11 January 2008

A Good Day for Business

Well, this has indeed been a good day for business!

I took two of the angel icons with me when I went to meet our co-op manager. She had expressed an interest in seeing what type of work I was doing with angels as someone in her life collects angel images. The two I took were the one of St. Raphael the Archangel and the one of the Guardian Angel with the two children.

When she saw them, she asked if she could purchase both of them! I, of course, said a very pleased "yes". I really hadn't been expecting to sell them so quickly so I did not even have the information attached to the back of each icon and had to hurry home and print it off and return to attach it.

This is the information for the back of these particular icons:

Next, the person who had ordered two large and two small icons came by to pick them up. He seemed to be very pleased with them. The large and small versions were of the same two icons -- Our Lady of Tender Mercy and Christ in the Manger.
I feel like a really professional artist at this point; however, I am sure once a few days go by without any more sales, I will have to face reality. In other words, I shouldn't expect to have an exhibit at the AGO any time soon!!
Turning to other types of art work, here is the first draft of a drawing I have been
working on between working on icons and kitty cats.
This is the sort of drawing that I find relaxing to work on. It is entitled "The Three Swans".

As the swans glide silently along, I think I will go and rest a bit. The tiredness is catching up with me again.

I am feeling much better these days, but I still seem to get tired very easily.

Peace be with you.

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