Tuesday, 29 January 2008

I Survived

I not only survived my dental surgery, but I even think my recovery period may not be too awful!

I am definitely going to look like I was in a very bad fight as I am turning black and blue already. I am swollen on both sides of my face, but thanks to some excellent pain pills, I am not suffering much at all!

However, these pain pills do make me very sleepy which is why I am posting at this very late hour -- I have been asleep already since late this afternoon. miz k.d. seems very pleased -- she thinks I have finally turned into a cat!

This drawing I have posted is one I have been working on for the last little while. It is called "Guardian Angel of Souls".

I really like it as I tend to believe that there is a Guardian Angel waiting with a soul as each child is conceived -- so their job starts at the moment of conception and lasts until death. The original that I worked from is obviously Orthodox as shown by the cross design and the Jesus beads.

Comments, as always, would be appreciated. Send them to me at sallie@ican.net

Well, the pill I took a short time ago is starting to do its thing so I had better get back to bed. Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers.

Peace be with you.

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