Friday, 25 January 2008

More Icons

Well, here's the new icon of the Archangel St. Michael that I was mentioning earlier this week.

I am also re-posting the original icon of St. Michael that I did late last year so you can see how different the two of them are.

Maybe some of you will even be inclined to send me an email to let me know which one you prefer and why! I would really appreciate that.

I am not feeling too great tonight as my teeth have finally started bothering me. So now I am more anxious than ever to see next Tuesday arrive so I can finally get my mouth taken care of properly.
As I mentioned previously, I have been keeping myself distracted by drawing a lot. Here is another icon of Christ which I am calling "Merciful Saviour". This is the first-draft stage and I am far from certain as to whether I will continue to keep it so GREEN!
I am also working on another cat and dog drawing which should be ready for posting by the 27th. Of course that depends on how I am feeling between now and then.
May peace be with you.

1 comment:

BobCosby said...

Hi Sallie,

I like the top Archangel St. Michael, because he is larger and appears more masculine, as I would expect. I would not put the symbolic wings on angels, though, because I have no basis for thinking they have them, although they move through space at will. I like Quebec City in Winter a lot. Is this computer art?

Cousin Robert