Thursday, 3 January 2008

Revisions and Completions

The first drawing I want to show you tonight is a revision.

As you may recall, this is an icon of the Archangel Gabriel which I showed you for the first time a few posts ago. As usual, I asked for comments and suggestions.

Thankfully, one of my most helpful readers wrote to me and pointed out something that had already been bothering me -- I was just too lazy to do anything about it until someone else noticed it too!

If you go back a few posts and look at the first draft of this icon, you will see that the right hand is almost at the bottom of the drawing and looks as though it is closed into a fist. As my friend pointed out, Gabriel, of all the Archangels, is the least likely to make a fist as he has always been presented as gentle. He was, in fact, the one whom God sent to the young Virgin Mary to tell her that she was to become the Mother of God.

So, I redrew his hand (actually angels are neither male nor female but it is convenient to use the masculine pronoun) and then decided I would show him gently holding a staff.

Let me know what you think about the new arrangement.

This next item is the completed first draft of the partially completed drawing I showed you just recently.

I only made a few changes in the parts I had already drawn and just completed the remainder of the drawing.

There are still parts of the drawing that I want to continue to work on so if you have any suggestions or ideas for making it more effective, this is the time to speak up!

As for me, I have developed a very unplesant cold in the past 36 hours -- and I am not pleased about this at all.

I rarely get colds but somehow this one snuck up on me. Everyone who has spoken with me today and heard my raspy voice has asked "did you get your flu shot?"

I told them, "yes" I got my flu shot in November, but what I have is not the flu. It is just a plain, old-fashioned cold with headache, stuffed sinuses and sore throat. I have already lost my ability to taste food and smell odours.

Oh, well, nothing for it except to let it do its thing -- hopefully, it will be one of those fast-moving colds and be over in 8 days instead of 10! If you want to write me and tell me how sorry you feel for me, I am sure that would make me feel much better!

Meanwhile, I hope you all stay cold free.


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