Saturday, 5 January 2008

Sniff,Sniff, Cough,Cough

I wasn't going to post anything tonight, but I am so uncomfortable at this point that I can't sleep anyway -- so here I am.

I do have a new drawing to show you. A new icon, actually. The original that I worked from is entitled "Christ the Teacher" so that is what I will call this one as well.

It is really just another version of the Pantocrator icon that I drew some weeks ago only this one has an open book instead of a closed one.

As always, I would really appreciate some comments or suggestions that might help me as I continue to work on this drawing -- this is just the first draft, remember.

And speaking of continuing to work on things, here is an icon that I showed you several weeks ago.

I have made a few changes and also worked on the shading on the face a bit more. I am not completely satisfied with it still, so if you have any suggestions regarding it, they would be appreciated.

Actually, I am finding that this icon becomes more appealing to me the longer I work on it. The name that I have finally given it is "Christ, Man of Sorrows".

Anyway, as I indicated at the beginning of this post, I am still not anywhere close to being well. Whatever this is, it is most unpleasant and I hope that none of you are so unfortunate as to become acquainted with this bug!

I have just finished another cup of hot, ginger tea as I have been typing away here so I am hoping that will settle my stomach a bit. I am feeling a bit more hopeful now that I might be able to finally get to sleep -- sleep, the best medicine of all.

I pray you all keep well.


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