Thursday, 17 January 2008

This Earth We Share

This photo was in today's Toronto Star Travel Section. It is a picture of a beach in Antigua which I took the liberty of cropping just a bit.

What remains is a incredibly powerful natural sculpture Nature has created from a dead tree.

I don't know what it looks like to you, but to me it looks like the upper body of a woman. I feel she is trying to pull herself out of the wet sand which has her trapped.

Or maybe it is the skeleton of a woman who died while trapped and as she died she raised her eyes to the heavens and cried out that eternal "why?"

As I said, you may see something different and I would really like to hear about it if you do.

Speaking of things that are trapped, look at the drawing below.

This is just some doodling from this afternoon as I thought about the TV show I tried to watch last night. It is barely even a first draft and is probably headed for that file I spoke about in my last post where I put things I should probably delete but can't bring myself to.

Anyway, back to this show on TV. It was on last night on the CBC -- the Fifth Estate -- and was a look at how little progress has been made in the way that many captive animals are kept. This drawing was one of our fellow creatures appearing in the show who spoke volumes without saying a word.

Actually, I really could not watch more than a few minutes of the show, but this image has stayed with me all day. Maybe it affected me so much because I had just been working on the drawing of monkeys sitting in the wild, grooming one another.

This old fellow stood in a dirty cage staring at nothing, waiting for death -- or so it seemed to me. If I decide to continue to work on this drawing, I will have to make those white bars dirty and marked with peeling paint -- among other changes.

It is interesting that I also started working on an icon of St. Francis of Assisi today. It seemed fitting somehow.

In the midst of so much suffering may we somehow become channels of peace.

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