Sunday, 10 February 2008

Cold Wind A Blowin'

The wind has really been blowing outside my window today and I hear this has made for a very cold wind chill. I wanted very much to go outside when I saw the sun shining, but I knew it would not be wise. So, I spent another interesting day indoors.

Here is a recent drawing that seems to fit the weather. I have named it "Fire and Ice". Actually, the name comes from a lipstick I used to wear as a teenager.

Then I have another simple drawing that also relates to cold weather.

This is a Vancouver Island Marmot, known locally as a groundhog!

This is one of the many varieties of the little guys who supposedly predicted just recently that we would have an early spring!

Of course, their idea of an early spring is mid-March so I guess I really shouldn't be complaining because of continuing snow storms in the middle of Febuary.

Evidently, they have really been having bad snow squalls in the Barrie area and north. We are supposed to get more snow as the week progresses.

Unfortunately, even a little bit of snow seems to make Wheeltrans start running later than usual. Oh, well...

This final item is something I came across today as I was searching through some old papers of mine. It is a drawing of trees ( which, as you know, I am very fond of) and even had some text I had written underneath it.

So many years ago it was
That I walked each afternoon for 30 days...
Across the crunchy snow,
Under the Evergreens
Praying the Rosary...
I wonder where I would
have ended up had
I continued to walk that
tree-embraced Road?
Where did it lead?
Peace and Blessings to you all.

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