Saturday, 2 February 2008


I spend so much time being confused these days all because of the pain medication that I am taking for my teeth.

I haven't been out since a brief trip to the coffee shop/Market on Thursday morning. And I keep falling asleep while I am doing various things -- all of which combines to leave me very confused.

Interestingly, I can stay awake for longer periods of time when I am working on a drawing, but even then I find myself slipping into that confused pre-sleep state while I continue to draw!

I have 4 drawings underway right now but have a hard time working consistently.

This is a picture of a Kikuyu boy in Kenya who had taken refuge in a monastery last week. Now the Kikuyus are, I understand, fighting back instead of hiding which means that even more people will die.

The photo shows the boy's eyes in bright light with the rest of him in dark shadow.
If I ever figure out a way to do extreme shadows properly, I will be able to draw him.

I am continuing to read "Illustrator for Dummies" but it is slow going -- especially these days.

May you all be well and at peace.

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