Saturday, 16 February 2008

Good Shepherd

My heart is sad tonight.

Life has a way of taking relationships that you thought would be part of an indefinite future and just brushing them aside like a bit of snow on a winter's wind.

Leaving you feeling empty and sad as I do tonight. So, it seemed a good night to show you the latest icon I have been working on.

Although the colours are a bit unusual, the theme is very traditional: The Good Shepherd. As well, I think the Greek is pretty accurate.

Among the earliest representational images of Christ in the catacombs in Rome, is the well-known one of the boy shepherd.

Ever since the Gospels were spoken and then written in those first centuries, the descriptiion by Christ of himself as the Good Shepherd has been loved by His followers. It is such a comforting image.

Years ago, when I became a novice in the convent, I waited anxiously to hear what my new name would be. I was pretty sure it would be my baptismal name of "Sarah" which probably meant "Sr. Sarah Marie", but "Sr. Sarah Marie of What?".

On my clothing day when the name "Sr. Sarah Marie of the Good Shepherd" was read out, I sang a dozen silent Alleluias in gratitude. What a gift that was.

So, here is my first attempt at drawing an icon of the Good Shepherd and, as always, I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions on how I might improve it.
Peace be with you.

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