Friday, 22 February 2008

A Quiet, Snowy Friday

I came across something last night that I did several years ago. The graphic was done by someone else, but I had pasted it on a sheet of paper and underneath I had written the following:

"A weeping willow at the water's edge. I love the look of willows, the sounds they make when a breeze blows through them in summer, the way the low-hanging leaves tickle your face when you walk beneath them. I don't recall ever seeing a weeping willow, except in photos and drawings, until I came to Canada ... and I really didn't get well acquainted with them until I moved to the Monastery situated on the Niagara Parkway. So many memories..."

With these cold, snowy days plus another big snow storm expected this coming Tuesday, I felt this was a nice reflection to share with you.

As for my art work --

I just finished a quick drawing of kitty cats which must mean that I have also been working on another icon! Correct.This drawing of the two very young kittens is called "Catch the Tail"! Any of you who have spent time around cats -- young or old -- know how they love to try to catch their own tails or the tails of other cats in the vicinity.

I love the way the white one is having to look over his little, fat, baby belly in order to see that black, wiggly thing on the floor!

Here, then, is the latest icon I have been working on which has reached its first draft stage and is ready for its first showing.

This particular icon -- another in the style I have done previously -- is usually called, in English, "Blessed Mother, Sweet Kissing".

Simply by posting it here, I already see several small corrections I want to make. As always, I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions from my faithful readers.

Wishing you all much joy and many blessings.

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